The sea from safe distance

The mischievous sea
with the high winds last night
is tossing and turning
and a fabulous sight

I’d not want to be out there
in the chop and the churn
But I’ll stand on the shore
for some lessons to learn

I’ll watch as its movement
is quickening there
from relative safety
though always aware

For these tantrums I’ve seen
many times through the years
the stuff of some thrills
but also some tears

Respectful I’ll wave
as the waves ignore me
unpredictable and
from safe distance, the sea


The shy one

At the bottom of the garden
is a pond where lives a toad
But he won’t come out and say hello
However much I goad

I’ve tried speaking in low whispers
or just waiting patiently
But although I hear him croaking
he never visits me

Once I saw some bubbles
to the water’s surface rise
So with bated breath I waited
and hoped for a surprise

But toad he is a shy one
He likes to keep his privacy
So I’ll keep watching just in case
but otherwise I’ll leave him be


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