Patterns in the sand

Patterns in the sand
left there by the sea
sculpted by the longshore drift
so perfect and free

Sometimes with a pebble
or the flow of water there
but always with charming
of which I’m aware

This canvas is fleeting
but I will oft confide
whilst its there for a viewing
at the turn of the tide


Photo – Jempics


Like the sea

We brought a solar water feature
for our birdbath as you do
‘Cos it kind of seem appropriate
and the best thing we could do

So now when it is sunny
we can sit and listen long
to the sound of falling water
as it plays its little song

It really is a peaceful sound
calming like the sea
where in these days of lockdown
I’m afraid I cannot be

Still, I can sit and listen
and take comfort that I will
again be given freedom
so I’ll bid my time until

For just like the beach my garden
is a haven at this time
complete now with a fountain
playing music when it’s fine


Photo – Jempics


If I do nothing else today
the one thing I will do
Is sit down on the beach a while
and watch the lovely view
For I will never tire of this
The sea, the sky, the sun
Particularly when like now
My working day is done

Encapsulating promise
when there’s no one else around
I love to sit here on my own
and listen to the sound
As waves upon this Southern shore
with tidal waters turn
and echo to the silence
I will never, ever spurn

Reflected blue of seascape
above as down below
I cannot think of anything
to better this I know
And here in beach hut heaven
I can watch it all day long
Just listening to the sweet refrain
The oceans’ happy song


At one

On the old oyster beds
as a tide at mid-ebb gurgles
and glints in the midday sun
Seagulls play and water shines

And across the way
this special moment grabs attention
and captured there I breathe it in
and am at one


High-five on a crystal morning

On the beach path this morning
the warmth of the sun
encouraged me as the
new day was begun
The sea was quite lovely
The breeze very slight
and the shine on the water
was exceptionally bright

So as I passed by my daughter
from the opposite way
we high-fived a greeting
as we passed just to say
that today was as lovely
as lovely can be
in this place where we live
right next to the sea


The seldom end of summer days

From the beach today I saw a ship
a long way out to sea
Out there in the channel
it was calling out to me
It bade me come and join it
as it steamed to warmer lands
But alas I sadly shook my head
as I stood there on the sands
With wistfulness I watched it go
waving as it sailed
As the sunlight caught the water
disappointment thinly veiled
But as I turned, as little grin
served as a reminder
that it would not be long until
another summer blinder
For then I will be here most days
beside the sea, my friend
From morning through late evening
on days that seldom end



Tidal waters splashing
at the waters’ edge
on the old breakwater
such a privilege
Buried deep in shingle
but still within my reach
as the tide turns one more time
down here at the beach


Satisfied grin

Sparkling like diamonds
those beads of the sea
shine in the sunshine
and fascinate me
Sitting here on the shingle
as the tide washes in
I am caught in the moment
with a satisfied grin


Sea as temptress

Whisper slight you gentle things
silent on the shore
Tempt me with you movement
leave me wanting more
Shingle wet and shining
takes my breath again
Hypnotic here the beauty
how could I abstain?


The sea from safe distance

The mischievous sea
with the high winds last night
is tossing and turning
and a fabulous sight

I’d not want to be out there
in the chop and the churn
But I’ll stand on the shore
for some lessons to learn

I’ll watch as its movement
is quickening there
from relative safety
though always aware

For these tantrums I’ve seen
many times through the years
the stuff of some thrills
but also some tears

Respectful I’ll wave
as the waves ignore me
unpredictable and
from safe distance, the sea


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