The waves are thundering on the shore
as the sunshine makes a show
and whooping we cry out for more
of that music down below

All of a sudden mercury rises
as temperatures start to soar
so as we welcome nice surprises
we all cry out for more


Photo – Jempics


The language of the sea

The short lapping waves come in then recede
incessant and gentle and free
They speak to me softly in whispering tone
what it is to be part of the sea

And I understand fully as this language I speak
having learnt it when just a lad
Its rhythm speaks wisdom of treasure to keep
which over the years I have had

It’s something I hold as it’s precious to me
spoken by waves that have come
Shouted in winter and whispered in Spring
and echoed in summer sun

Promises given and promises shared
in the language the sea has to give
Which in time honoured fashion remains with me still
and will for as long as I live


Photo – Jempics

All them waves

Constant coming
all them waves
turning on a whim
Sometimes I will
shed a tear
and sometimes
I will grin

Constant coming
all them waves
many friends are here
Sometimes I will
simply watch
and sometimes
I will cheer

Constant coming
all them waves
down here on the beach
Sometimes I
can’t quite believe
they’re here in easy reach


Photo – Jempics

Atmospheric 2

2 of 3 in a Jemverse mini-series

The seventh wave was building
I watched it gather height
Like a monster lurking out there
with teeth and awesome might

The breakers just before it
when they broke upon the shore
slipped quickly back into the mire
before coming back once more

And then the monster tumbled
roaring loudly as it fell
Quickly reaching out for me
Quite angry I could tell

But I have been here often
and have grown to learn their guile
so sprang back safely out of reach
laughing with a smile


Photo – Jempics

Seventh Waves

The breeze was a stiff one
but the sunshine was warm
down on the beach yesterday
And the sea was like turquoise
reflecting the sky
Quite lovely in every way

We walked on the shingle
and looked out to sea
counting the waves one by one
Laughs were caught by the wind
as each of us grinned
when the seventh big ones were done


Photo – Jempics

Sussex Shores revisited

9 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Sussex’ series

Muddy brown midst churning waves
I hear the ocean sing
with yellow skies beneath the grey
and seagulls on the wing
Tumultuous the breakers there
foaming on the beach
the anger of the waters’ voice
staying out of reach
Yet despite that thinly veiled threat
there is beauty here today
the power of these Sussex shores
which take my breath away


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse originally posted this as ‘Sussex shores and breath taken‘ on 5 January 2016

Rising tide

Watching water
slowly fill
Waves get bigger
bigger still
Beach gets smaller
Sea get wide
Standing here
with rising tide

Skim a pebble
watch it fly
crossing water
bouncing high
Up the shingle
further I
watching here
the rising tide


Photo – Jempics

[Pre-empting the start of a 12-part Jemverse series running between 17 and 28 April – “The Sea series”]

Life is a beach (1)

Blue of sea
Blue of sky
Blue of sand
as I walk by

Waves a ripple
Waves a sigh
Waves a whisper
as I walk by


Serves me well

The ocean’s pull grabs me again
draws me to its windswept shore
and breathing deep the salty air
I take it in for more and more

Those waves. Those mountains moving
that deep green valley surge
captivate magnificence
with whim and frequent urge

For this is solace. This is calm
despite the gathered swell
As when I’m here on dampened shores
I’m whole. It serves me well


Down to the sea

Finished my work
wandered down to the sea
the freshening breeze
appealing to me
Watched the waves crash
there on the beach
above the tideline
and just out of reach
Stayed there a while
with salt in the air
content to just stand
and simply be there


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