August Undecided

August undecided
change and fickle shows
with one day sun but next of rain
so no-one really knows
Summer warmth remains though
a constant there to hold
at least for the time being
before it turns to cold

But I'm not all that bothered
so with all that August brings
I'll still enjoy each day it gives
as my voice always sings
August undecided
but there's a mystery here
as no-one knows what to expect
around this time of year


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And then came the rain

And then came the rain
close after the sun
a deluge which lasted
for days on the run

The gardeners and farmers
were over the moon
but all the sunbathers
said it was too soon

For the weatherman said
that the heatwave would last
but all of a sudden
it's forgotten and past

Still, this is the summer
and in England it's fickle
so we need to prepare
for the occasional trickle

I trust though that soon
the sunshine once more
puts its hat on and smiles
to even the score

'Cos then I'll be out there
on those golden days
making all that I can
of those marvellous rays


Photo – Jempics

Sunshine returns

It seem to rain forever
and winter had returned
with cooler days and cruel winds
as Springtime warmth it spurned
But then as June lay waiting
there dawned a brighter day
with deep blue skies and sunshine
which I hope this time will stay


Photo – Jempics

Rain came again

The rain came today
we knew that it would
so I'll not go a-watering
though I feel that I should
It feels a bit strange
not to need to go out
but it's good to have change
of that there's no doubt

And the sun will return
as it always does
and then I'll go back 
for a watering because
the ground will then need it
and I will content
be walking down daily 
with all good intent

And sometimes I will
and sometimes I won't
though I know I'll feel guilty
on the days that I don't
but the thing to remember
is the ground will survive
and in sunshine and rain
all the plants there will thrive


Photo – Jempics

Wispy skies

3 of 3

Very high up in the blue
frilly like a feather
wispy clouds with tendrils
float by in summer weather

They seem so delicate down here
and really don’t last long
as just a moment later
I looked up and they were gone


Photo – Jempics

Moody skies

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Ethereal the moody skies
O’er Shoreham beach this evening
promised rain in buckets
I suspect as we were leaving

Warm the breeze still blew
much harder from the west
bringing in the rain
from nature by request

And cobwebs disappeared
blown like chaff upon the wind
as in this elemental
under moody skies I grinned


Photo – Jempics

Crying skies

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The sky cried today
but it’s been a long while
as for quite some time now
it’s been having a smile
with sunshine each day
for cheeriness here
blues skies and warmth
with days fine and clear

But this morning when I
was out and about
the sky lost its temper
with tantrum and shout
and down fell the tears
upon the dry ground
as it vented its anger
on all that’s around


Photo – Jempics

Hoping for rain

I’m hoping for a little rain
to cool me down in this
something I always welcome
as for me the heat is bliss

But it has been relentless
as in England unprepared
the infrastructure fails
so no-one here is spared

We toss and turn through sleepless nights
the mugginess remains
and with little change in temperature
our homes the heat retains

So just a little cooling rain
would be quite welcome here
As though we love the summer sun
it’s sure to bring some cheer

Not for long, mind you, of course
as fickle temperament
always hankers after sun
whenever rain is sent


Photo – Jempics

More summer

It’s miserable out there
so I think today I’ll stay
cosy here inside my home
and simply have a play

The wind is blowing boisterous
and the sky is full of rain
But it’s summer and July so
the sun will come again

So I’ll spend a day inside
play some music, have a read
as the forecast for the morrow
is more summer here indeed


Photo – Jempics

Rain or shine

It rained and it rained
and it rained and it rained
and then it just kept on raining
But although we got wet
‘most all of the time
there was seldom any complaining

The sun shone and it shone
and it shone and it shone
and then it just kept on shining
But though we hankered
after the rain
there was seldom anyone whining


Photo – jempics

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