I looked up early evening
to see feathers in the sky
wispy there within the blue
floating slowly by

And it was whimsical right there
cathartic I would say
relaxing and just gazing
at the tail end of a day

So there I stayed eyes upward
as the evening took a hold
and the sunshine started fading
to the sunset with the gold


Photo – Jempics

Circles I

And so to circles
Spreading like raindrops
in summer puddles
they give to reflection
for a moment or two
And then they are gone
Like whimsy
on a sunshine day


Image and words from #Jemverse on Instagram – June 2019

The safe warmth of home

Steel grey seas with iron chill
it’s with whimsy that I peer
at the beach I know so well
in summer brings such cheer
Yet now the winter’s icy hand
has me firmly in its grip
As grey green waters frenzied churn
with northern winds are whipped

So I with best foot forward
march swiftly ‘cross these stones
No lingering in winter times
for the safe warmth of home


Thinking of summer

And around about this time of year
when winter’s settling in
The days are getting shorter
and I’ve started shivering
It’s then I think of summer
and wish that I was there
When instead of wearing jumpers
my arms and legs are bare
But now I’ll have to be content
with sunshine through the glass
of windows closed to winter
until the Springtime comes at last



Halcyon Days – tanka

Woodsmoke lingers here
on the days dying embers
fragrant on the air
It permeates my being
The whimsy of halcyon days


Day 2 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Five Lines’ event – a tanka a day for 7 days.

A tanka is a five-line non-rhyming poem of Japanese origin dating back almost 1200 years. Using simile, metaphor and personification, the five lines must follow a syllabic sequence of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.

The whimsy of treasured memories

Closeted in the cupboards of minds
and kept for a rainy day
memories of the halcyon times
Dreams are filed away

Days from childhood, days from youth
retained to often share
many things taken save for these
All kept and treasured there

A sacrosanct trove of happiness
as the years pass swiftly by
brought out and dusted down when we
with whimsy breathe a sigh



Silence sang a song
with no words I could hear
Someone said there was an echo
although not anywhere near
It was somewhere out there
across the water at night
quiet and mysterious
and out of my sight

Silence sang a song
but the melody was lost
it might have once been there
but now gone to my cost
For I could no longer hear it
with that sweetest refrain
and though the silence is golden
I’d love to feel it again


Tick Tock

Sat quiet in a still, small hour
“Tick tock” the silence said
My pen it scribbled frantically
My words to sentence led
No slow of time or guilt lay there
No mischievous intent
A meeting mind instead laid bare
To freedom it was lent
“Tick tock” the silence said once more
Glanced up, I saw the clock
Thought ‘must be rushing off quite soon’
(It came as quite a shock)
The time from dawn to day had sped
In the blinking of an eye
But lost to whimsy, scribbling still
It had gone swiftly by
“Tick tock” the silence shouted now
I grabbed my bag and went
Complete with new creation here
Productive, that time spent


Autumn’s Call

Pale white shrouding golden glow
Hovering over water, slow

Morning waking, slumber stays
Green peers slowly from the haze

Whimsy holds, removed I see
A world at distance, wistfully

Wished that it was me out there
Fancy free without a care

Yet from a window all I see
Is brick and concrete facing me

The golden glow still on these walls
But it’s from the hills that Autumn calls


For Wednesday…


Erudite, I’ve


Now that




As always on




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This poem is dedicated to Dave Carr.

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