Summer rain

Born of a morning
with an overcast sky
a warmth to the air
and a smile to the eye

A freshness of loam
though damp underfoot
a heady perfume
to usefulness put

These days of a summer
so good for the soul
giving food to the earth
and keeping me whole

No sadness is here
no melancholy
for this is all part
of the summer of me


Summer I know

It’s been raining for a morning
But I already miss the sun
Felt that way quite early on
when the day had just begun
It’s still quite warm of course
and I am quite glad of that
But I miss my friend the sunshine
when I’m still summer clad

So on days of ground refreshment
when the water cools things down
I fixate on minds-eye pictures
to dispel that lurking frown
Soft meadowland with tall daisies
bathed in golden light
Overlooked and looked over by
Blue sky with oversight

This is the summer that I know
Familiarity born
bathing us in sunshine
to dusk from early morn
And yes I know we need the rain
but the sunshine lifts my soul
And it’s only when it’s shining there
That I’m truly me and whole


After the rain

Petrichor, a wholesome word
Describing rich perfume
of earth after the rain has come
when summer’s in full bloom

Intoxicating fragrance
of dampened soil and peat
Freshness after rainfall
follows days of summer heat

I have many favoured words
but have now added ‘petrichor’
For it possesses something magical
and is worthy of much more


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