Parham Deer

Parham House was closed today
and the deer they knew it well
For they were out and evident
and contented, you could tell
Grazing ‘neath the leafy oaks
in groups and sometimes more
It was quite magical to see
and well worth coming for

With no-one else about but us
the Sussex countryside
exuded quiet and peacefulness
in which you could confide
And certainly the herd of deer
were confident that they
had the place ‘most to themselves
on this quiet late summer day



Sunshine and wild ponies

Walking through the forest
I spied ahead of me
open fields and sunshine
and ponies running free
Some turned around at my approach
ears cocked as if to say
“Good afternoon to you upon
this fine October day”

I nodded an acknowledgment
politely as one does
for out here this is their domain
so its only right because
Here in the New Forest
they have the right to roam
for this has been for many years
their private English home



The zebra and Bizet

I think it was Bizet the zebra was playing
in Brighton today in the sun
Nocturne in D Major if I’m not mistaken
Yes, I think that piece was the one

It was somehow fitting for the time and the place
a tranquil and quiet melody
Brought an air of contentment to those wandering by
In Brighton, so close to the sea




Heading off to Wildlife
Across the old toll bridge
Right there on our doorstep
Such a special privilege

Kite surfers on the water
Past the marquee’s massive towers
Music pulsing in the distance
Where we’ll spend the next few hours

Wildlife at the airport
Thirty thousand people there
The sunshine smiled and we all danced
As music filled the air


Wildlife is the biggest music festival to make the South Coast of the UK since the Isle of Wight back in the 60s and 70s. Upwards of 35,000 are expected for two days of music, fun and sunshine at the Brighton & Shoreham city airport on 6 and 7 June 2015. We have weekend passes – no brainer really as the festival is less than a mile from where we live.

A moment shared

Through the window I spied
with coffee in hand
a small feathered friend
flutter by and then land

Perched on the side of
the larch wood bean frame
to my garden in search
of a morsel he came

Ignored the bird table
and the seed laid out there
but favoured some crumbs
from the toast I could share

He stayed for a moment
and a little to drink
from the birdbath there
then flew off with a wink



Squirrels at play in the sunshine
Chasing around and around
One eating nuts in the branches
Two playing games on the ground

Paused for a moment to watch them
Simple pleasures to linger to see
Three squirrels just doing their squirrely things
And posing for pictures with me



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