Eunice came and did her worst
to Southern England's shore
threw her toys out of the pram
and then came back for more
tossed the sea to caldron surge
with shingle in the air
flinging them to landward
without a thought or care
and then when she was done and spent
she sulked and slunk away
leaving us to count the cost
from this rough stormcast day


Photo – Jempics


Atmospheric 2

2 of 3 in a Jemverse mini-series

The seventh wave was building
I watched it gather height
Like a monster lurking out there
with teeth and awesome might

The breakers just before it
when they broke upon the shore
slipped quickly back into the mire
before coming back once more

And then the monster tumbled
roaring loudly as it fell
Quickly reaching out for me
Quite angry I could tell

But I have been here often
and have grown to learn their guile
so sprang back safely out of reach
laughing with a smile


Photo – Jempics

The green and the grey

The prevailing Sou’Westerly’s blowing quite hard
with white horses out there today
Its cooler but the view from the beach
is great with the green and the grey

There’s an edge of a storm out there in the wild
that the sea will tickle and coax
And a fleck of moisture on the wind in my face
throws into the mix a few soaks

But I don’t mind a bit for there’s laughter right here
teased out by a very good friend
Who knows me much better than I can ever return
and who always wins in the end



Sou’ Westerlies and evening sun

There is sunshine over there
close to Worthing pier
But the thick cloud overhead
Show that rain is also near
And the abandon of the ocean
whipped up by the breeze
stiffening from Sou’ Westerly
Blows cool around my knees

But it’s still pleasant sitting here
listening to the sea
And as high tide breaks upon the shore
I’m quite content to be
By and by I’ll cycle home
the wind behind me strong
Bringing evening sunshine
and just blowing me along



Windy days


Wind in my hair
and wind in my face
It’s blowing me round
and all over the place
It’s fine in the morning
when I’m rested and fresh
and great in the evening
when I’m needing a rest
It’s good for kite-surfers
out there on the sea
And for gulls on the tide
when they’re fishing for tea
In summer it’s lovely
as it’s usually warm
and prevails from the south
completely to form
But don’t get me started
on what it does when it’s cold
For that makes me shiver
and begin to feel old


The beach and me

And on the beach last evening
hoping for some sun
I planned to have a beer
when my working day was done
Just one little problem
and I’m not trying to lay blame
But when I got there last evening
the sky was full of rain

The wind, a strong South-Westerly
was whipping up the sea
so the beach was quite deserted
Just some kite-surfers and me
It was still quite warm despite all that
so I still had my beer
As the beach is always special
whenever I am here


The woods and the wind

Up in Stanmer woods
on the ridge of the hill
we are sheltered within
where it’s chilly but still
There’s winter in here
with the mud and the grey
but perfect for walking
on this February day

We can hear the wind rustling
in the trees all around
But we can’t really feel it
just hear the sound
So we’ll walk here a while
let the dogs wander free
before driving back home
for a nice cup of tea


Lost words

Shouting, the sea roared
and my words were lost
Carried away as flotsam
on foaming waves
intent only on their
own cacophonous noise
So I snatched a few
from the wind
and walked away


Part 1 – ‘Lost words’; Part II – ‘Found words‘; Part III – ‘Kept words

The Last Laugh

It’s raining leaves out there
they’re just pouring down
The wind’s blowing a ‘hoolie’
and the trees wear a frown
By the time the storm’s over
they’ll be naked and bare
and the winter will laugh
at their bashfulness there

But I think the last laugh
(as is always the case)
will come later on
when new clothes will replace
Then the trees will be smirking
at Winter’s demise
sporting new season fashions
when Springtime arrives


A little walk

Just a little walk
although quite brief
is just enough
to bring relief
Breathe in deep
fresh winter air
and feel the wind
blow through my hair

Watch the dogs
run round and bark
wagging tails
up in the park
Just a little walk
is all I need
to keep me fresh
and up to speed


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