The world outside my window

The world outside my window
changes by the day
Sometimes it’s bright and sunny
and other times there’s rain

South facing from the east
I can see the rising sun
and later on out to the west
the glow when it is done

I see cars and people passing
both ways to left and right
as high above the street down there
I have them in my sight

It’s like a microcosm
my window to the world
seeing life around me
as daily it’s unfurled

And that’s usually by a glance
as I write here by the day
which is just how it should be
instead of any other way


Photo – Bezza Croucher

My window to the world

Sitting here in quiet
by my window to the world
I’m high enough too watch
things down below unfurled

It’s peaceful here, cathartic
so with pen my words they flow
and occasionally I’ll take a look
outside my world window

Sometimes there will be a car
more often someone walking
single or together though
it’s hard to hear the talking

I do hear sounds of traffic
and the birdsong on the line
from the telegraph across the way
to border on sublime

All this adds to inspiration
which I get from sitting here
by my window to the world with
the world song loud and clear


Photo – Jempics

My Window

Sitting here in sunlight
at my window to the world
Watching as another day
is bit by bit unfurled
It’s peaceful here and seldom
will I glance to see below
A passer by or traffic
drifting by my house you know
For mostly I am working
or writing in my book
Oblivious to life outside
save for the furtive look



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