Another Elbow day

I've had several of the 'one' days
to see me right this year
the 'Elbow' sense of wonder
for a dose of joy and cheer
But this morning throwing wide
the curtains in my room
the autumn sunshine out there
made it feel like it was June
So I had an 'Elbow' moment
and put it into play
seized and used to fulness
throughout this perfect day


Photo – Jempics

[The ‘Elbow moment’ referred to here is inspired by the lyrics from their ‘One day like this’ song featuring on their 2008 album ‘The Seldom seen Kid’. “So throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year would see me right”]


Cue the music

The ambience grew as house lights dimmed
and the crowd with breath abated
whooped and cheered as music played
which they had long awaited
Tickets purchased two years past
with promise to fruition
as the Paris troupe performed and sang
with flamboyant intuition
For each they knew, the cast and crowd
this happening, this evening
was like a breath not breathed before
with wonderment and meaning


Photo – Jempics

Big Sky IV

The pink up in the evening blue
divided by the grey
in a big sky above the field
on this November day

It fills me with a sense of awe
magnificence right there
the heavens just above my head
with which none can compare

And walking as the daylight fades
in lush green of the field
I smile a grateful thank you
for this big sky here revealed


Photo – Jempics

Golden II

In the churchyard there’s a tree
which is golden at this time
particularly lovely when
on days like this it’s fine
I’m thinking it is magical
with a secret proud to share
showing off its wonder here
to all who stop and stare

And that really is quite difficult
not to do I feel unless
you really need to be some place
and haven’t time I guess
But if you have a moment
to pause here for a mo
it’s sure to leave you breathless
at the glory here on show


Photo – Jempics

In a painting

This evening we were in a painting
with colours and contrast and hue
beneath a cloudscape of wonder
providing a wonderful view
It was just like a Constable landscape
above and around us out here
exquisite the joy that it brought us
for a message abundantly clear

This evening we were in a painting
with yellows and pinks and the grey
variegated into the darker
at the end of this autumn day
It was just like Turner had paused there
with his brushstroke over the sky
to leave us this snapshot of wonder
before it all passed us by


Photo – Jempics

Braced people face the sea

The beach with a wind
and the taste of salt
As hair whips from face
and braced people face the sea
looking into spray

The beach with a wind
and the cry of a moan
As breath is caught and taken
and braced people face the sea
chased by falling waves

The beach with a wind
and the laughter of moment
As stoicism is beaten and fails
and braced people face the sea
succumbed to wonder


Photo – Jempics

Circle Tree

After the rain the
circle tree curled
its branches deep in the wood
Caught out attention as we passed
as to kindred spirits it should

And we paused and admired
and pondered and thought
and wondered at its design
Each giving a wink and a look that we knew
that this was ineffably fine


Photo – Circle Tree, Fordingbridge, New Forest, Hampshire, UK – Jempics

Really really big

Three thousand people
In Brighton last week
met Brian to talk about space
Not a seat there was free
it was thrilling to see
with excitement right there in the place

The screen on the stage
was the biggest I’d seen
and when filled with the cosmos out there
It filled one with awe
with the things that you saw
and the wonders that he had to share

There was Einstein and theory
and other deep things
and we all lost the plot several times
But the man on the stage
was a seer and sage
and he kept us all feeling just fine

There were quantums and quarks
and black holes and stars
thousands of light years away
Talk of time travel
and other strange things
to mess with your head some would say

But despite all the vastness
and really big stuff
It was good to remember that we
have a life for the now
which we all somehow
need to capture quite wholeheartedly

Astrophysics aside
the professor complied
that really when all’s said and done
reminding the crowd
as we all clapped loud
that the journey had been lots of fun


Photo – Professor Brian Cox at ‘The Brighton Centre’ – live – Sussex – February 2019 – Jempics

All is white

I wrap up warm
against the cold
I feel it now
I’m getting old
There’s white on
everything around
The air is crystal
n’er a sound.

Suppress a shiver
to the chill
I take this in
and have my fill
For only winter
brings this sight
This wonderment
when all is white


Photo – Jempics

Aspects of Gold II

Part 2 of 3

On the footbridge returning
from a day on the beach
there’s a place where I stand
that’s within easy reach
to envelop myself
in the colours I see
and gaze out in wonder
as it falls around me

For here there are moments
to capture and hold
as each sunset settles
to aspects of gold


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