Mirrored sea

Sea shines as a mirror
As night time gathers round
The breeze the faintest whisper
Waves break without a sound

Dark line on the horizon
the night time gathers haste
and silvering close into shore
runs fast as it is chased

Spellbound, we pause with wonder
Enraptured there we stand
Watching mirrored evening vanish
quietly, hand in hand



Little words II

I love to capture little words
and keep them in my book
And then with craft and guile
and perhaps a second look
Shape them into lines of verse
to encapsulate a whim
or perhaps just leave a feeling
of something warm which brings a grin

One never knows when little words
will come to mind or when
So it’s always best to have to hand
some paper and a pen
For they will catch you unawares
And often with surprise
as something quite amazing
passes by your eyes

So capture all those little words
the ones that tell the world
of all the wonder that ensues
as life it is unfurled
Each one to tell a story
or even just a part
And epic or a nuance
of something from your heart



It is with wonder that I wander
when the opportunity is there
taking in the sights around me
and getting out into fresh air
Whether it be on the hills
or on a beach beside the sea
or even round the city streets
the wonder’s always there for me

It’s there in almost everything
But you need to open up your eyes
For if you’re looking to the ground
You’ll miss out on the surprise
A flash of colour in the grey
A feather floating down
A reflection in a puddle
Bring a smile, reject a frown

Wonders’ there and all around me
I’m spoilt for choice most days
there’s too much for me to capture
‘Tho I’ll try to find the ways
It’s mostly in the simple things
that some might overlook
But as I see them I will find a word
and record it in my book

And then recalling from mind’s eye
I’ll see that wonderment again
And the moment is embedded
For a memory’s sweet refrain
Wonder’s like a freedom
To see in life the simple things
Replacing frowns with smiles
And ensuring my heart sings


[A-Z April – day 23 – W]

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