Painting with words

When painting with words
the writing room floor
is splattered with cast-offs
from poems and more

Yet none of them wasted
as words always find
their place in creation
from a poet’s mind


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics


Fever Dreams colour

When sleep falters
in fever drams
I think of colour
and immerse myself
in a bright palette
Repainting the night
to a smile of contentment


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, April 2018 – Jempics


So here is a canvas
and here are my words
crafted with pen
I paint pictures of life


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, April 2018 – Jempics

All these colours

All these colours
Bright their palette
Life as canvas
Captured and lifted
As is my soul
Seen in them


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, April 2018 – Jempics

Scratch of pen

At this early hour a soft caress
as morning greets the day
and gently, with a growing light
pushes night away

A silence reigns, a pinprick fall
with no one else around
so scratch of pen on paper there
barely makes a sound

And inspiration freely flows
as words like morning come
and find the light of day until
my poetry is done



It possesses a certain
something that soothes
and reminds me of summer
with its calming moods
Just a squeeze of the sachet
when winter is here
or a rub between fingers
when summer is near
brings out that pure fragrance
that, with purest intent
and a small play on words
is to me ‘heavenscent’


Photo – Lordington Lavender farm, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

We dream of yellow (revisited)

4 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘Yellow’ series

In the gun-metal grey of midwinter
When cold grips vice-like
and, huddled in blankets
we stay cocooned in the warmth
of a fruitcake and hot tea afternoon
and dream of yellow


Photo – Jempics

We dream of yellow was originally published on Jemverse on 14 December 2015

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