Golden II

In the churchyard there’s a tree
which is golden at this time
particularly lovely when
on days like this it’s fine
I’m thinking it is magical
with a secret proud to share
showing off its wonder here
to all who stop and stare

And that really is quite difficult
not to do I feel unless
you really need to be some place
and haven’t time I guess
But if you have a moment
to pause here for a mo
it’s sure to leave you breathless
at the glory here on show


Photo – Jempics

Masterpiece (revisited)

10 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

I stepped inside a masterpiece
with reds and oranges and
yellows liberally added
by Nature’s abstract hand

I didn’t know which way to turn
for there was wonder everywhere
so I simply turned in circles
to absorb the glory there


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Masterpiece‘ on 1 November 2015]

After the storm

After the storm
on the beach the tideline
has made its mark on the stones
with seaweed lines
drawn free and wild
a calming now atones

For all last night
its temper raged
a tantrum fierce and wild
yet now it smiles
calm and serene
the sea and weather mild

After the storm
I capture this
for inspiration here
as it provides
a sustenance
which I have long held dear


Photo – Jempics

The hill, the view and breath taken

Walked through the woods
as it wended its way
uphill all the way to the Ring
The weather was kind
and we didn’t mind
as no waterproofs did we bring

The view from the top
of the Weald and beyond
breathtaking as it always is
and up here today
what more can we say
when faced with something like this?

We sat for a while
to take it all in
and then when we’d had our fill
Followed the track
as it took us right back
all the way home down the hill


Photo – Jem nearing the top of Chanctonbury Ring, West Sussex, UK – Gracey Croucher

Revisiting the ever there

No.7 of 12 in the Jemverse series ‘Back to the sea’

Hidden in your moving green and grey
I see your missing smile
But, braced against the salt-sting blast,
Calm will return a while

You change. but with eyes closed
That sweet, familiar taste
Reminds me of sultry summer days
Beneath this winter waste

Loosing myself in your expression, I see change
But it matters not to me
Fickle it may be, yet your promise there
Reminds me of what you are, the sea


Photo – Jempics

The Ever There‘ was first published on Jemverse on 15 November 2014

Out of Sync

Winter throws me out of sync
and I’m not sure where I am
I’m so used to the warmth you see
that I’m not sure that I can

And yet when in my brand new coat
with colours bold and strong
I’m brave enough to face the cold
and find a different song

So slowly I will find my vibe
as into sync I come
Marching to the winter cill
until the cold is done


Photo – the author in his ‘winter beater’ coat from Quicksilver – Jempics

Raining haiku

Soft, warm and gentle
getting wet doesn’t matter
as the water falls


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram (August 2018) – Jempics

Right time, right place

In London quite early
(I was up with the lark)
So it’s still very quiet
in St James’ park

And just there by the lake
as I happenchanced by
A picture of heaven
for a smile and a cry

A swan with her babies
sheltered there by a wing
A privilege to see and
a beautiful thing

So I paused for a moment
and watched and admired
those small fluffy babies
the swans here had sired

An exquisite moment
right time and right place
which, I might add
brought a smile to my face


Photo – Goslings sheltering under mother swan’s wing – St James’ Park, London – Jempics

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