Yellow pen, yellow poem

I got a yellow pen
in my Christmas bag today
the tenth one here for advent
very bright in every way
So I wrote a yellow poem
with some words as if to say
how chuffed I was to get it
with a loud 'hip hip hooray'!


Photo – first draft – Jempics

Yellowing Glow

From my window up high
and out to the east
the glow of the morning
was a visual feast
Yellowing there with
the sun yet to rise
the blues and the pinks
hid little surprise
as I knew that in store
was a beautiful day
from this yellowing glow
and this lovely display


Photo – Jempics

Little yellow

Little yellow very lovely
dainty in the sun
at the bottom of my garden
now the summer has begun

It catches my attention
every time I pass it by
and it's so very gorgeous
that it brings a tear to eye

Tears of joy lest you should worry
for that's what yellows bring
the colour of the sunshine
and 'cos yellow is my thing


Photo – Jempics

A little chap

Took a picture of the yellow
in my garden as one does
'cos they really are quite lovely
so I snapped them there because
I thought they make a picture
to put up as a snap
so I was quite surprised 
to find I'd caught a little chap

Trotting up the garden
to say hello to me
as I took pictures on my phone
quite absentmindedly
But as it turned out here the picture
was even better than I thought
as alongside all the yellow
this little chap I'd caught


Photo – Jempics

Dandelion Bouquet

We have an evening pastime
now the 'lotty' is in full swing
a little wander down the road
to do some watering
It's cathartic and a pleasure
and with my air-pods on
I get to hear an album
on my i-phone with a song

It's peaceful there and lovely
and a pleasant thing to do
as well as one with purpose
for our labours to eschew
But most of all this time of year
with Springtime every day
is the yellow at the gatepost
with a dandelion bouquet


Photo – Jempics

Guaranteed to cheer

The yellow of Forsythia

is blooming back and front

as we are fortunate to have

two bushes to be blunt

So no matter where we look

be that to rear or the street

it is yellow there we see

which really is a treat

It is the first to spring to colour

every Springtime every year

and like us I’m sure you will agree

is guaranteed to cheer


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XXXI (Daffodil Laughter)

A vibrant greeting
bursting in Springtime yellow
sunshine to my day

A splash of colour
to the monotone palette
of winter greyness

Daffodil laughter
brightens up most any day
Truly infectious


Photo – Jempics

Poem and Prose II

Today with momentum
finding pattern and form
my page bore a colour
which for me is the norm

It was yellow and vibrant
the colour of Spring
mixing there with my words
and waiting to sing

These words from the poet
who just has to compose
with syntax and rhythm
for poem and prose


Photo – Jempics

First Dandelion

First dandelion in the sun
yellow there and bright
and though it is a weed I know
it brings a lovely sight

So I’m not going to pull it up
but let it grow instead
to bring me joy and pleasure
with its lovely yellow head

And I’m really pleased I did that
for I think that it heard me
as next morning in the sunshine
the one had turned to three


Photo – Jempics

Little Yellow II

There are little yellow flowers
I don’t know what they are
but they always come around this time
and are quite spectacular
Vibrant in the sunshine
they raise their heads and sing
appearing at the end of March
just before the Spring


Photo – Jempics

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