Sunshine followed sunshine

Sunshine followed sunshine
May had listened well
Another day of yellow
the echo there could tell

Spring may just have passed us by
this year but in replacement
Summer’s here and early
to fill us with amazement


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics


Yellow is…

Yellow comes and yellow goes
but with consistency it shows
that yellow carries summer days
the brightest sun, the mellow haze
So it finds favour just because
yellow is and yellow does


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, April 2018 – Jempics

Yellow clouds

Some clouds are yellow
tinged with the sun
the last thing you see
when a sunset is done
And seen from the sand
with the tide going out
is the best time to see them
without any doubt


Photo – Jempics

A little yellow…

A little yellow’s what I need
Springtime needs to be here now
Winter’s overstayed its welcome
time to leave and take a bow

Sunshine with its warmer feeling
needed more than I can say
Come as precursor to summer
Welcome now and with us stay


Photo – Jempics

Lamb’s Green Yellow

In Lamb’s Green the daffodils
have made an appearance
Spring waits there in the wings

And the yellow is welcome as
it speaks of the sun and
echoes as Nature she sings


Photo – Lamb’s Green daffodils, Faygate, Sussex, UK, March 2018 – Jempics

Twelve months three

No.8 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months’ series

The most appropriate flower
that the first of March could bring
is the daffodil with yellow
which promises the Spring

We’re done now with the winter
the chill is past its prime
And we clammer for the warmer days
that come with summer time

So come now March with promise
bring on those longer days
and remind us of the spring time
in all your different ways


Photo – Jempics

This is 8 in a series of 12 poems written for and published on the 1st of every month for a year. See also Twelve Months Eight, Twelve Months Nine, Twelve Months Ten, Twelve Months Eleven , Twelve Months Twelve , Twelve Months One, and Twelve Months Two.

You can never have too much yellow (revisited)

6 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘Yellow’ series

You can never have too much yellow
for it’s the colour of the sun
And I’d challenge you to disagree
it’s not loved by everyone

For me that’s going to be the case
for as long as I can see
For it’s synonymous with summer
Where I so love to be


Photo – Jempics

You can never have too much yellow was originally published on Jemverse on 15 September 2017

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