Yellow, bright and lovely
Three words, though there are more
To capture what the Dahlia
each summer has in store

Basking in the sunshine
They’ll always turn a head
From every one who passes by
this gorgeous flowerbed


Photo – Jempics


Sun by name and sun by nature
yellow petals show
Sunflower turns its pretty head
to every sunshine glow

But even when it hides itself
and clouds above are grey
The sunflower there reminds us
that it will not be long away


Photo – Jempics

Yellow Three

Seven colours, seven days
Yellow’s here today
The third one in the rainbow
and my favourite, I’d say

For with it comes a promise
for the summer and the sun
And the warmth of its magnificence
that I will never shun


Photo – Jempics

Part 3 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Yellow Iris

Yellow by the water
Waving in the breeze
Brought me to a standstill
Took me to my knees

Their beauty was resplendent
and a tear came to my eye
as I stood beside the lake
with a deep contented sigh


Photo – Lakeside Iris’ – Riseholme Park, Lincolnshire – Jempics

Dandelions & Daisies

Have you noticed with the dandelions
that when the sun comes out
So do their yellow flowers
as it’s what they are about
It’s just the same with daisies
(and yes, I know that both are weeds)
But both reflect the sunshine
and that’s often what I need

The sun and things that speak of it
are always good for me
So I’ll always let the dandelions
and daisies live and be


Photo – Jempics

Springtime Cheer

It’s in my garden again
the yellow that speaks of the sun
Forsythia glory shouting aloud
that Springtime has begun

And the green is lusher too
Winter fades away
The grass upon my lawn suggests
it’ll soon be mowing day

The time for that will come
but for now the yellow’s here
Replacing all the winter blues
with lots of Springtime cheer


Photo – March Forsythia yellow – Jempics

A glimpse of yellow


I caught a glimpse of yellow
in a hedgerow yesterday
It was quite unexpected
but it made me think “Hooray!”

For though it’s still the winter
the Spring will not be long
And glimpses of that colour
fill my heart and mind with song

For yellow is ubiquitous
with summer to my mind
And as I live for warmer days
the two are quite entwined


Photo – very early Forsythia, January 2016 – Jempics

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