Day after Boxing Day haiku

And though the star stays
Yuletide festivities fade
as resolve takes hold


Photo/artwork – Jempics on Apple Procreate

Tri-Tanka II (Festive)

All decorations
up by first of December
Christmas is coming
Though earlier every year
commerce would have us believe

No bah and humbug
despite my reservations
As into spirit
flowing with the tinsel here
my heart goes to the yuletide

And into the fray
firmly with gusto I tread
‘Ho ho ho’ sung loud
I am the voice of Christmas
Seasons greetings one and all


Photo – Jempics

Yuletide promise – tanka

Christmas in the air
from a large Yankee candle
A fragrant garland
hints of promises to come
within its flickering flame


Day 5 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Five Lines’ event – a tanka a day for 7 days.

A tanka is a five-line non-rhyming poem of Japanese origin dating back almost 1200 years. Using simile, metaphor and personification, the five lines must follow a syllabic sequence of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.

Promise III

And in these last few days
in the evening of the year
as Yuletide festivities approach
and we are in good cheer
There’s a brightness in the darkness
the glow of the new dawn
when, with the promise it will bring
a brand new year is born


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