Sussex Trug

Got a Sussex Trug on Father's day
an antique one as well
it really is quite beautiful
and though not keen to dwell
it's something I have wanted
for as long as I recall
something made in Sussex
and from local wood and all

And this one in particular
as Sussex Trugs they be
is absolutely gorgeous
and just perfect here for me
So I will use it for my lavender
when harvest comes around
and other times for carrying
other things I've found

It'll work for the allotment
and also for the beach
so I'll make sure my Sussex Trug
remains in easy reach
For here no decoration
for this thing of beauty made
but put to use to honour both
the craftsman and his trade


Photo – Jempics

A Sussex Trug is a wooden frame basket almost peculiar to a small region in East Sussex and originating in the 1500s.  The handle and rim are of locally coppiced Sweet Chestnut, body is formed of willow boards and the feet of the same willow.

Traditionally used by local farmers and market gardeners for harvesting produce, measuring and feeding livestock they are now more generally used in the home and garden.


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