Newcastle III

I'm back in Newcastle, it's been a fair while
but this city of bridges still brings a smile
so don't saddle me with mundane or purile
for these are words from the heart

It's a few degrees colder, I'll give you that
but I have a warm coat and some gloves and a hat
so don't take me for a weak Southern brat
for these are words from the heart

There are cities in England I've visited oft
but Newcastle is one which I hold aloft
so don't think of me as anything soft
for these are words from the heart

Yes I'm a southerner from the south coast
Shoreham-by-Sea as home playing host
but I'm happy to share of my travels and post
for these are words from the heart


Photo – Newcastle-on-Tyne – Jempics


Of Taps and Newcastle winters

Went to the Tap, the weather was raw
but it wasn't the sleet or the snow that I saw
but rather the fair Newcastle town trade
that good conversation with a pint that was made
and convivial warmth with the victuals there
made the winter outside something better to bare
So I stayed for a while and chatted some more
before heading back out to what lay in store


Photo – inside The Newcastle Tap, Neville Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Jempics

North Eastern pleasantries

I'm in Newcastle city again for the week
in situ at present here as we speak
so I thought it polite to give you a peek
of North Eastern pleasantries here

I'm in Newcastle city full of mystique
some things you'd expect and others unique
and though often the weather's decidedly bleak
there are North Eastern pleasantries here

I'm in Newcastle so with poet's technique
some of its essence I'll capture and eke
to give you the reader a mini critique
of the North Eastern pleasantries here


Photo – Bridges over the Tyne at Newcastle – Jempics

Sunshine on Neville Street

Sitting in Newcastle Tap
here on Neville Street
I've had a lovely pizza
and the beer's going down a treat
Outside Newcastle sunshine
though chillier up here
shines as evening shadows fall
and I enjoy this beer
By and by I'll take a stroll
as this time is all my own
so I may as well enjoy it
all these many miles from home


Photo – Jempics

Newcastle II

I'm bound back for Newcastle
it's been quite a while
since here I have travelled
but now with a smile
I'm back to the city
through which flows the Tyne
for work, yes but seeing
some good friends of mine
so I know we will share
some pints at a Tap
before in a couple
of days I head back


Photo – Jempics

The Bridge Hotel

Down the back steps is a courtyard
overlooking city walls
high above the valley
from where the Tyne it calls
Adjacent to High Level Bridge
its namesake for to trace
The Bridge Hotel in Newcastle
quite special to this place


Photo – High Level Bridge from the courtyard of The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle, UK – Jempics

Passing through

Of the places that I travel to
surpassing all the rest
I have to say with hand on heart
Newcastle is the best

It has a certain ambiance
a ‘je ne sais quoi’ I’d say
Can’t quite find the words
but it appeals in every way

And though my visits often
just see me passing through
I’ll always do my level best
to see the river view


Photo – Jempics


I’m back up in Newcastle
but am posting a view
from when up here last
As nothing’s here new

Being back in this city
is so pleasing for me
As it’s differs from Sussex
and there’s so much to see

So I’m pleased it was light
when I got here today
As having finished my work
there was still time to play

The view from the Jurys’
which looks over the city
looks to roads and to houses
which is quite a pity

But the view from The Bridge
which I’ve loaded right here
is enough for enrichment
and the reason is clear

Why I’m pleased when the chance
to come back for a day
is there for the taking
with ‘hip hip hooray’!

So I’ll leave you with this
to make up your own mind
to consider a visit to


Photo – Wikitravel stock photo

Four gulls

Four gulls flew in
from the fog on the Tyne
up here in Newcastle
Knew they were mine

Here to welcome me
to this wonderful city
which I have to leave
today, more’s the pity


A pint at The Bridge

Back up at The Bridge Hotel
between the city walls
Overlooking Gateshead
On the Tyne, Newcastle calls

With High Bridge to the right
and the castle to the left
beaming in the sunshine
though it’s history’s bereft

A Tiny Rebel ale is
a refreshing pint of beer
in the pub I will return to
whenever I am here


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