Whitley Bay

St Mary’s lighthouse on the coast
here at Whitley Bay
On a coastal island
at the tail end of a day

With rain flecks in the evening breeze
we crossed at ebbing tide
Careful not to slip and fall
though the slipway was quite wide

And from the island summit
‘Neath the white walls of the tower
we looked out to the northern sea
and its majestic power

This really is lovely place
in North East England fair
So we stayed a little while
and just revelled being there


Photo – St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, UK – Jempics


And if I thought…


And if I thought the sunset view
was a lovely sight
Just imagine my reaction
when I saw it later at night

Newcastle lights reflected
in the waters of the Tyne
With the bridges in bright colour
looking wonderfully fine

Enough, I have to tell you
despite the chillness in the air
for me to stand and gawp a while
at the wonder of it there


Photo – Newcastle at night – Jempics

Room with a view


So, the view from my room
overlooking the Tyne
is spectacular as ever
in the evening sunshine

Here in Newcastle
with the river in flow
I can think of worse places
to stay, don’t you know!

So I’ll sit here a while
at the end of my day
and think of some words
this scene to portray


Photo – sunset on High Bridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Jempics

Back to Newcastle


On my way back to Newcastle
today on the train
I’m prepared for the cold
but it looks more like rain

I’ll be there for two days
for work, not for leisure
But will also I’m sure take
some time out for pleasure

For my hotel is down on the
Tyne riverside
overlooking the water
‘neath the five bridges wide

So no doubt at some juncture
whilst in this great city
I’ll be raising a glass
with a beer for this ditty

Pre-written of course
as you’re reading this now
But I’ll not let that stop things
or add furrow to brow

For the writing is part
of the journey begun
and to bring in the reader
is a part of the fun


Photo – Bridges over the Tyne, Newcastle, NE England – Jempics



Lindisfarne echoed
across Newcastle tonight
The fog on the Tyne


Day 14 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 22.44.06



These bright city lights
with gossamer sheen
In Newcastle
where I have been
This morning dash
with good intent
these months I’ve spent
And this resolute yet
misty day
could change it all
in every way


Photo – Neville Street, Newcastle, UK – Jempics

Thank goodness for i-Pods

I have six hours of travelling
to the North East again
As I’m bound for Newcastle
on a Virgin fast train

I’ll pass the time writing
a poem or two
Or watch the world passing
outside, like you do

There’s chatter all round me
from the passengers here
Though the chap alongside
is coughing, I fear

Thank goodness for i-Pods
for I can lose myself there
Just listen to music
and become unaware

Forty winks will let
all that time slip away
For a Newcastle arrival
at just past midday


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