Come Summer

This time last year
we were spoilt that’s for sure
As the sunshine it came
and the temperatures soared
But this year it seems
we’ve returned to the fray
For June in full swing
sees rain every day

It’s windy and frankly
the warmth could be better
and the plants that I’m growing
get wetter and wetter
I’m thankful for that
though I would like some sun
to reassure me
that the summer has come


Photo – Jem in the rain with Pickles the Alpaca – Bezzpics


Circles I

And so to circles
Spreading like raindrops
in summer puddles
they give to reflection
for a moment or two
And then they are gone
Like whimsy
on a sunshine day


Image and words from #Jemverse on Instagram – June 2019

Raining haiku

Soft, warm and gentle
getting wet doesn’t matter
as the water falls


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram (August 2018) – Jempics

Precipitation haiku

Soft pitter patter
Summer rain falls from the sky
Fragrant petrichor


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram (August 2018) – Jempics


Felt a tiny splash
as I walked along the beach
Precipitation from the sky
just there out of reach

Cool, the April weather
had made me wrap up warm
So a little rain this time of years’
in keeping with the norm


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, April 2018 – Jempics

To sunshine I defer

April showers
or sunshine
I know which I’d prefer
Golden shafts v greyish strokes
To sunshine I defer


Photo – Jempics

Under rainbows

Walked home under rainbows
in a leaden sky
Gave me pause to wonder
as I hurried by
The hope left in that promise
all those years ago
With rain and shine a beauty
ever there on show


Photo – Jempics (Rainbow over Durrington, West Sussex)

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