Keeping me whole

Listening to sounds
when it’s raining outside
I can often get carried away
Spine tingles freely
My element comes
and contentment comes for the day

Music works wonders
delivers each time
It serves to keep me quite whole
Preference neutral
whether resting inside
or out in the rain for a stroll


Photo – Jempics


…with a festive smile

I found a moment over Christmas
Penguin Cafe in the air
In the oven, turkey roasting
whilst I was sitting there

My pen, it found the paper
and words came, as they do
from time to time as inspiration
a poem to eschew

And I sat in contemplation
and wrote a little while
for some moments over Christmas
with a big, wide festive smile


Photo – Holly ‘Bezza’ Croucher

[The Penguin Cafe orchestra was the brainchild of creative lead ‘Simon Jeffes’ until his passing in 1997. Hard to categorise, suffice to say that Penguin Cafe carved their own little ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the world of musical genre. Here’s a little slice…]


Lift (haiku)

To wake to music
A simple song lifts the day
Sunshine from the rain


Photo & ‘Procreate’ artwork from #Jemverse on Instagram – Jempics

Tri-haiku VII (music)

Here’s to the music
Through the years has kept me sane
and continues now

Here’s to the music
A melody for my life
wholesome to the core

Here’s to the music
‘long as I have ears to hear
It’s my sustenance


Photo – Jempics

Last of the sunshine days

I’m sitting here hoping that I will be wrong
that this day in September will be
The last of the sunshine, the last of the warmth
in this place that I love by the sea

It’s October next week, the Autumn is here
but the warmth I am feeling today
is more like the summer I love and adore
and I’d rather have that I would say

The beach is a diamond, the sun on the sea
shining like never before
And me in my element sitting down here
so close to the Sussex sea shore

So I’m hoping the words of the old Mountain song
“Last of the sunshine days”
will be something I say several more times this year
in more of this late summer haze


Photo – South Lancing Beach, Sussex, UK – end of September 2018 – Jempics

‘Last of the sunshine days’ is the final track on the 1974 album ‘Avalanche’ from American rock band ‘Mountain’

The Sea Organ

7 of 16 in the Jemverse ‘Venetian Vistas’ series

In Zadar on the water’s edge
outside the city wall
the sea organ plays music
to delight us and enthral

Powered by the ocean waves
as tidal waters flow
soft, deep sounds are heard by all
from movements down below

It is quite beautiful to hear
Peace echoed in this place
Harmonious the waters sing
of ocean’s subtle grace


Photo – the harbour wall ‘Sea Organ’, Zadat, Croatia – Jempics

Zadar’s ‘Sea Organ’ was designed by the architect Nikola Basic as part of a project to redesign the new city coastline. The waves from the Dalmation coast interact with the organ to create random harmonic sounds forced up through holes along the sea wall. It was opened to the public in April 2015.

Music III

Music as comforter
enters my soul
Enlightens my mind
making me whole

© Jemverse & CraigBurt (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), 2015

Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, July 2018 – Jempics

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