It’s peaceful here
my special place
the bright sunshine
warm in my face

Birdsong in the
trees around
The fresh mown grass
green on the ground

And just there
passing close to me
the buzz of a
big bumblebee


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

Spectacular II

Sitting in my garden
blank pages in my book
waiting for my words to fill
from everywhere I look
There’s inspiration ’round me
don’t have to look too far
as life is quite exciting
if not spectacular


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

Aloof on the roof

A seagull came this morning
and perched up on the roof
A picture with the blue behind
quite proud and yes, aloof

So pleased I had my camera
to capture him up there
and then that special moment
with you good folk to share


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

The Soothing Sea

I have lost count the number
of poems I have written
about the sea in Sussex
as really, I am smitten
So, if I only wrote of water
would you think less of me?
for really, if the truth be told
it’s best beside the sea

I can sit here hour on hour
beside the soothing waves
and gaze out at its fathoms
on sultry summer days
For me it’s inspiration
of it I’ll never tire
It prompts my words and writing
and builds in me a fire

Sometimes the sunshine glistens
like diamonds out there
so it would be quite selfish
these moments not to share
This preciousness, this richness
makes me a wealthy man
so I’ll gladly share some with you
(At least, that is the plan)

Its wide expanse, its changing form
its moving tides and more
all taken in and captured
from hours down on the shore
So I’ll just keep on writing
of my passion and then share
Something of the sea with you
as nothing can compare.


Photo – South Lancing Beach, West Sussex – Jempics

Summer Days

On the beach at low water
watching seagulls at play
the view here at Worthing
around the wide bay
of the coastline in Sussex
bathed in a blue
reflecting the sky
is a joy to eschew

So what better thing
than to sit and just gaze
at the sea and the water
on these summer days?


Photo – Worthing Beach (from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018) – Jempics

Child of the summer

To sit in the sunshine
now summer is here
brings me fulfilment
coupled with cheer
For this is my time
I’m at one with the sun
a child of the summer
now winter is done


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

Changing Colour

And today I sat and changed colour
the May sun hot in the sky
Relaxing long hours in the garden
with a long and contented deep sigh


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

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