Winter’s smile

There’s a crystalline clarity out here today
in the trees there over the way
A ground frost has visited the fields overnight
And it’s more beautiful than I can say

So I’ll not waste my words and contented instead
Just quietly stand here awhile
Allow the wonder of winter to embellish again
with a picture in mind for a smile



The penguin dichotomy

Like little old men
they totter about
wobbling unsteady
as if they have gout
They fall over a lot
on their short stubby legs
and are really unsteady
on those little pegs

But once in the water
they are graceful and free
as they swim underwater
in their homeland, the sea
Yes penguins have wings
and they use them to fly
with speed in the ocean
like the birds in the sky


Fading light; silver sea

The silver sea lay still and calm
as dusk gathered round about
and on the shingle gazing
we watched it as the light went out
The evening faded into night
as it crept in from the west
A perfect spectacle for us
on the beach where it is best



Thinking of summer when cold

When it’s cold in the winter
I will look to the sun
and think back to the summer
as I have always done
Back to the days
of whimsy and breeze
when a cool wisp is welcome
rustling quiet through the leaves

When I’m cold in the winter
I will think of the days
when the warmth of the summer
smothers every malaise
Back to the times
when unencumbered and free
I can wander in sunshine
and quite simply be me


Two plump gulls

Two gulls flew into Manchester
on a rainy winter’s day
Forty miles from coastal waters
for what reason? Who can say?
Perhaps the Irish Sea was too
cold and rough out there
So they fancied flying inland
to a calmer place somewhere

I suspect though that their tummies
made them fly so very far
For though the sea has much to offer
City food’s spectacular
I must admit they looked quite plump
on the railings in the rain
So maybe they’ll be staying here
as they have to much to gain


Mirrored sea

Sea shines as a mirror
As night time gathers round
The breeze the faintest whisper
Waves break without a sound

Dark line on the horizon
the night time gathers haste
and silvering close into shore
runs fast as it is chased

Spellbound, we pause with wonder
Enraptured there we stand
Watching mirrored evening vanish
quietly, hand in hand



November Mnemonic

Overtly chill
Briskly across the
Remains of an ever

November. Swiftly
Of speculation as
Icy needles

Now overtly chill,
vacant echoes move briskly across
the ephemeral remains of an
ever moving November,
Swiftly ending months of
Speculation as Northern
Icy needles chill


Summer in a tin

Streaming through the window
sunshine fills the place
Feet up on coffee table
warmth upon my face

It’s freezing cold outside
but warm and cozy here
It’s what I need on days like this
to keep me in good cheer

It’s like I have been painted
with summer from a tin
To keep me topped up through the winter
and retain my sunshine grin


Deference to summer

I could write of the winter
when my fingers are cold
and I feel in my bones
that I’m getting quite old

Or I could write of the spring
when there’s new life ahead
and I feel a bit younger
and brighter instead

I can write of the summer
when I’m bouncing again
and I feel full of life
with the sunshine refrain

And I can write of the autumn
when the evening returns
and I feel trepidations
born of winter concerns

I can write of all seasons
but I know which I prefer
as it’s always to summer
that I will defer


Bond of words

Though similar paths each day I tread
there is always inspiration
in the things I see around me
to encourage recitation

But in case of memory lapses
my little notebook always carried
allows me to capture what I see
so that sights to words are married


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