Last day II

So to thirty first December and
the last day of the year
Twenty two has been and gone
as twenty three appears

There have been many moments
with emotions running rife
as is the wont of passing time
this c'est la vie, this life

But there are still remaining hours
to finish it for good
so on this New Years' Eve we will
enjoy it as we should


Photo – sunset for a passing year – Jempics


Winter V

And this morning sheen replacing white
as winter's iron grip with softer hands
takes ice away with rain.
And we welcomed that. Not quite yet
the warmth we clamour for
in these long months of hibernation,
bit still enough to ebb the chill
and bring semblance of a curl
to downward facing lips


Photo – Jempics

Floccinaucinihilipilification not

No. 3 in the ‘Colloquy’ series

Twenty-nine letters; testament to the fact
that in estimation and to be exact
the action describing this noun in these words
is so far from worthless as to be absurd


[In the ‘Colloquy’ series, I’m exploring some the of English language’s more obscure words. Some little used, some no longer used but all recondite. ‘Floccinaucinihilipilification’ is a noun and is the habit of estimating something as worthless]



Almost iridescent brightness to squint
with eyes skewed to the sun behind
where spiky winter teasels cold
stand proud against a low zenith
of a winter sky

This magnificence of nature's pride
admonishes in one fell swoop the
iron chill of solstice loom and
bolstered to an almost energetic state
I am rejuvenation


Photo – Jempics

Of Taps and Newcastle winters

Went to the Tap, the weather was raw
but it wasn't the sleet or the snow that I saw
but rather the fair Newcastle town trade
that good conversation with a pint that was made
and convivial warmth with the victuals there
made the winter outside something better to bare
So I stayed for a while and chatted some more
before heading back out to what lay in store


Photo – inside The Newcastle Tap, Neville Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Jempics

The day after (haiku)

3 of 3 (1 the day before, 2 yesterday)

And after all that
a long walk in winter sun
to dust off cobwebs


Photo – Obi Wan Kinobi at Christmas – Jempics

The Day (haiku)

2 of 3 (1 yesterday, 3 tomorrow)

Christmas Day is here
festivity, fun and glee
and very late lunch


Photo – Obi Wan Kinobi at Christmas – Jempics

The Eve (haiku)

1 of 3 (2 tomorrow, 3 the day after)

On the eve before
as anticipation looms
softly comes the night


Photo – Obi Wan Kinobi at Christmas – Jempics

Of writers and readers (revisited)

Concluding ‘The of…’ series from Jemverse 2022 (12 of 12)

Cathartic the writing
the pen to the page
Words from the poet
the seer and sage
To capture life’s moments
like a photograph here
And bring to the reader
a little more cheer


Series pic – Jempics

[Of writers and readers was first posted in three parts over three consecutive days in October 2018. Parts II and III are here and here.]

Over the years I have titled several poems with the preposition ‘of’ – so this last Jemverse mini-series of 2022 pulls some of those back together again

Of windows and gold (revisited)

11 of 12 in ‘The Of…’ series from Jemverse 2022

We have a window
to look to the world
and watch every day
as life is unfurled
For me it’s a garden
as nature’s fair hand
paints changing pictures
of my bit of land

And just like a window
to memory’s minds eye
I’ll capture those pictures
as life passes by
For each is a treasure
to have and to hold
More precious than diamonds
more value than gold


Series pic – Jempics

[Of Windows and Gold was first posted in March 2019]

Over the years I have titled several poems with the preposition ‘of’ – so this last Jemverse mini-series of 2022 pulls some of those back together again

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