Switch House View

High above the Switch House
of Tate Modern, London town
from the viewing platform way up here
it’s a long way looking down

But you can see all of London
so it’s well worth getting there
particularly with a camera
so the view you can then share


The new 10-storey building extension to London’s Tate Modern, known as the Switch House, rises 65 metres over the former power station’s subterranean oil tanks. It includes three new gallery levels and a panoramic roof terrace.

Photo – Jempics


Jolly Early

It’s awfully jolly early
to be up on a weekend
But we’re off (us two) to London
to visit an old friend
And as we’re paid up members
we get an early special tour
There before the crowds get in
what our membership is for

So we left the house at five o’clock
caught the red-eye up the line
At Victoria just after seven
just at breakfast time
Then a quick tube down to Pimlico
for David Hockney at the Tate
arriving a bit early
as we don’t like being late

Later on we’ll take the boat
down the Thames a little way
Tate Modern down on Southbank
getting there around midday
And then when we have had our fill
of both galleries I guess
that we’ll partake of something nice
at a restaurant no less

Still later we might take a stroll
by the riverbank a while
Taking in the city sights
for around about a mile
And finally we’ll catch a tube
on the District/Circle line
Leaving London in mid afternoon
to get home by suppertime


Photo – David Hockney in front of his ‘The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire, 2011’, a 32-canvas panel combined to make the whole – Daily Telegraph, UK.


The amazing oval ceiling
of the Corn Exchange in Leeds
Once famed for giving merchants
a place to barter seeds

Still gives a home to traders
now though of a different kind
Shoppers still come hoping
a bargain here to find

And today one in particular
came for a look around
and paused to take a picture
of the wonder there he found


Leeds Corn Exchange was designed by Cuthbert Brodrick and opened in 1864. The dome design was based on that of the Bourse de commerce of Paris by François-Joseph Bélanger and François Brunet, completed in 1811

Photo – Jempics

Perfection in Pink

The Clematis against the fence
of the allotment in Ham Field
has many words which might describe
the beauty here revealed

But I’ll keep it nice and simple
the best thing here I think
and simply say in these eight lines
perfection’s here in pink


Photo – Jempics

Promise in store

The daffodils are past their prime
but here at Horsted Keynes
The sunset comes at eight o’clock
and we all know what that means

It heralds Springtime’s fading
Summer’s waiting at the door
And warmer days are in the wings
with promise there in store


Photo – Sunset at Horsted Place, Horsted Keynes, Sussex, UK – Jempics

That bluebell time

It’s that bluebell time again
they come up every year
Around the end of April time
when the summer time is near

We seem to have a bumper crop
which is fine my me, I’d say
Particularly as they last a while
At least well into May

They’re protected now in England
so we’re really pleased by that we
can promulgate that here by leaving
our bluebells to be


Photo – Jempics

Counting the days

And I am watching time
I’m counting off the days
when I can tread those chalky paths
down hidden Downland ways

Sussex hills are waiting
I can hear them calling me
And in just over ten days time
that’s just where I will be


Photo – South Downs Way, Sussex, UK – Jempics

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