Me, two crows and the beach

Just me at the beach hut
the sea and two crows
And what they were up to?
Well I guess no-one knows
Suffice just to say that
at times such as these
this place is a haven
in soft summer breeze
There is peace and contentment
and I love being here
By the sea here in Sussex
at a place I hold dear


Photo – South Lancing Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics



What is it that’s conducive
to a poet’s mind?
The impetus that’s needed
before it can unwind?
That moment inspiration
into words flow from the pen
and beauty spills to paper
to catch the moment when…

…it truly crystallises
and time’s completely right
to capture life in essence
when a moment is in sight?
I struggled with that concept
though a poet through and through
As I could never really tell
when that moment would accrue

But I’ve come to the conclusion
(as I write of brighter things)
those moments come when I am in
a place that really sings
A place that makes my soul shine
brings contentment edged with zest
As when I’m there I realised
my writing’s at its best

So it’s all about the soulshine
wherever that might be
Although I really have to say
that’s often by the sea
For here I’m in my happy place
my soul shines when I’m here
So it is pretty safe to say
that poetry will be near


Photo – my ‘soulshine’ place – the beaches of Sussex, UK – Jempics

Simply Because

And again I found my way back to the beach
the sun enticing me there
Peeled back the wearisome stab of mundane
to a world without worry or care

The sound of the sea in a brisk August breeze
caressed and soothed as it does
Bringing me back to the place I belong
here in Sussex and simply because…


Photo – South Lancing Beach, Sussex, UK – Jempics

Half past three

When work is over for the day
and sun’s still shining bright
A part of me looks forward to
the beach, soon in my sight
The breeze that blows in from the sea
though warm will cool me down
Contentment overwhelms me
and joy replaces frown

Not that necessarily
that should always be the case
It’s just that this contentment
is quite special in this place
Sitting by my beach hut
I am at peace beside the sea
It’s something I look forward to
each day at half past three


Photo – Jempics


There’s a lady with a cup of tea
who comes from time to time
Sits on the shingle for a while
when the weather’s fine
And sometimes when the wind is strong
colour fills the sky
as kites takes to the sea and surf
and pass me swiftly by

Sometimes there’a a single hut
that’s open to the sun
And other times there’s many more
for long days filled with fun
Days pass, times change but always
I am here on southern shore
For I’m the beach at Lancing
and there’s always room for more


Photo – the ‘cup of tea’ lady (snapped from Hut 101), Lancing Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

Slow Season

There are paddle boards and kayaks
Inflatables and yachts
And barking dogs just running
and calling all the shots
There are diamonds on the water
glistening in the sun
with the sound of wavelets breaking
on the shore by everyone

The sea is blue, inviting
‘Cross the bay here on the coast
Cliffs of Brighton in the distance
as the people make the most
For this is perfect Saturday
the summer typified
the beach and sea and sunshine
keeping all here satisfied


Photo – South Lancing Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

Shadow Wave

Shadow cast on turquoise
I raised a hand and waved
One finger on the shutter
for the photo that I saved

The sunshine played, it always does
on summer evenings here
The beach hut looking lovely
with the sunset drawing near


Photo – South Lancing beach huts, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

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