Pocket of sunshine

I have a pocket of sunshine
to soak up the last rays
As they leave my garden
at the end of fine days
And in the chair I have here
I’ll sit quietly and write
With the joys of my garden
Close by in plain sight

Inspiration is here in
abundance it seems
Something to do with the
peace and sunbeams
For this is my tranquil haven
I’m in my element here
With a pen, some clean paper
the sun and a beer



Passion as a dancer
taking centre stage
Caught in a moment
at ocean’s sweet plage

In beauty your splendour
unparalleled here
Your late summer swan song
Bringing me cheer



Reflection, like a deepest thought
as a window to the world
In droplets captured, held to view
by summer rain unfurled



It’s not raining in Lewes
which is refreshingly nice
As we have lunch by the river
with coffee and pies

There’s a warmth in the air
but we still wear cagoules
as there’s threat in the sky
by the calm river Ouse

For the present, the sunshine
tries to come out
as we browse the antique shops
and wander about

We’ve all the time that we need
so it’s lovely to look
Although we did buy a postcard
and a lovely old book

By and by, when we fancy
we’ll head off to the car
But we’ll come back to Lewes
as it’s not very far




A damp morning’s followed
by a damp afternoon
It’s the dampest it’s been
since the damp days of June
It’s damp in the garden
and damp on the street
It’s damp everywhere
It’s a dampness complete

But though dampened out there
I’m not dampened within
for no dampening is going
to dampen my grin
And this dampness I know
with its dampening grey
will soon be replaced by
a nice sunny day



I love my garden at this time of year
It is really quite idyllic
Can’t exactly tell you why
as there’s nothing quite specific

But it’s a lot about the colour
and the lushness that’s out here
in the rain or in the sunshine
as it always brings good cheer

It’s a lot about the fragrance
Honeysuckle on the breeze
and the petrichor from summer rain
just dripping from the leaves

And it’s all about the peacefulness
and how it makes me feel
For my garden is my haven
with the power to calm and heal



If I could capture the aroma in my home today
and put that into words on this page
I’d do so in an instant for, with freshly baked bread
I am sure it would become all the rage

But for now I’m afraid you’ll just have to make do
with an image, for I’ve been a bit hasty
in whetting your appetites here in this verse
as we’ve eaten the bread which was tasty.


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