It rained

It rained and then
it rained some more
and the more it rained
the more I saw
as water trickled
here and there
and got in
almost everywhere

And we got wetter
wetter still
and still it rained
and rained until
it couldn't rain
more if it tried
and then the sun came
and it dried


Photo – Jempics

Sunglare shine

Sunglare shine on longshore drift
the rippled sand aglow
down here in early evening
as the sunshine sinks down low

Cool the lapping wavelets
from the brilliance of day
as barefoot here I wander
whilst around me seagulls play

Sunglare shine on longshore drift
low tide sand revealed
a pleasant change from shingle crunch
for secrets here concealed

And combine all this together
on this long September day
for this extended summer
is just perfect I would say


Photo – Jempics

To spend a day

Came back to the beach hut
the weather was fine
and with no one else here
the beach was all mine

A warm breeze from the east
blew in from the sea
and the sun overhead
smiled brightly on me

And I knew this was better
than work any day
so it's nice to have one
I can spend in this way


Photo – Jempics

Summer in abandon

Summer in abandon
grey and rainy every day
sometimes very windy
and quite miserable I'll say
The sun has gone on holiday
and left us quite alone
which isn't very thoughtful
as we're still stuck at home

So long days lounging on the beach
are absent at this time
as are evenings out the back
with a warm glass of wine
But just around the corner
August waits with bated breath
so perhaps there is a glimmer
for us here, the bereft

For though we all may grumble
it's amazing how the sun
shows how short the memory
is in everyone
Fickle we may be, but hey
it's summer after all
and it's not that much to ask
so 'sunshine' hear the call!


Photo – Jempics

Born to the sun V

Back in the fifties
and born to the sun
a Thursday's child
knew he had begun

Growing up in the sixties
never sun to eschew
this Thursday's child
was still nearly new

And then came the seventies
formative years
a teen to his twenties
with joy and yes, tears

The eighties and children
a girl and and boy
to this child of the summer
two bundles of joy

And then to the nineties
and two further girls
for more joy and happiness
giggles and curls

Born to the sun
the millennium came
and though he was older
he felt just the same

Twenty-tens and his fifties
the making of man
for wisdom and tenure
as only life can

Which brings us to now
the twenties are here
and a seventh decade
brings more of that cheer

This 'born to the sun'
Thursday's child has long known
with the secret of summer
sixty-two years have shown


Photo – Jempics

Verdant again

6 of 12 in the ‘Spring series 21’ from Jemverse

Luxuriant this time of year

the grass is verdant green

and unless I am mistaken

looks the best it’s ever been

It’s thick and lush and lovely

and loves the Springtime sun

which bathes it in a golden light

until the day is done


Photo Jempics

Verdant‘ was first published in April 2016

Mist ethereal

The mist above the river
was ethereal today
most evident on the bypass
as back home we made our way
The golden of the sunshine
like a yellow echo there
as we drove into the spectral
which consumed most everywhere

And an eerie still descended
as we switched our headlights on
to light the way before us
as through the murk they shone
But as we headed eastward
the mist was left behind
and the golden of the evening
was once more there to find


Photo – mist rising over the Adur valley, Shoreham, A27 bypass – Jempics

The last day of summer

The weather forecast tells me
That tomorrow there’s a turn
In the weather we have seen of late
So last chance here to burn
Just one more day of summer
It’s not that much to ask
A final opportunity
Beneath that sun to bask

And then, resolved to autumn
I will put the shorts away
And find some warmer things to do
To occupy my day
But this afternoon it’s summer
So I am out there in the sun
Completely in my element
Until last day is done


Photo – Jempics

Summer’s sweet encore

4 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘On the beach’ series

Eight thirty in the morning
the sun warm on my brow
in September shorts with
the summer still somehow
The sunglare on the water
the millpond of the sea
and overhead the cloud free sky
means here’s the place to be
The beach down here at Lancing
on England’s southern shore
here for one more day at least
for summer’s sweet encore


Photo – Jempics

Hoping for rain

I’m hoping for a little rain
to cool me down in this
something I always welcome
as for me the heat is bliss

But it has been relentless
as in England unprepared
the infrastructure fails
so no-one here is spared

We toss and turn through sleepless nights
the mugginess remains
and with little change in temperature
our homes the heat retains

So just a little cooling rain
would be quite welcome here
As though we love the summer sun
it’s sure to bring some cheer

Not for long, mind you, of course
as fickle temperament
always hankers after sun
whenever rain is sent


Photo – Jempics

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