Tri-Haiku IX (yellow)

A little yellow
as a splash against the green
Memory of warmth

This yellow fills me
Drives away my winter blues
Hums a cheerful song

And I am yellow
Reflecting the sunshine here
I shine to the day


Winter leave me now

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This brittle chill, this iron cold
this fall from grace for me
is winter in a nutshell
and a few words, certainly
So I fund solace in these times
with words that speak of sun
and warmer days of sunshine
when winter days are done


Winter for me now

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These winter days of sunshine
warm coats to brave the cold
Swift walks upon the hill and field
to keep from growing old
Then home to nice warm slippers
and scalding mugs of tea
Warming toes beside the fire
this winter here for me


Winter with me now

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Eight line stanza thinking of
the winter with me now
Brittle chill, not warming sun
cold upon my brow
But dressed up warm its good to brace
the iron winter chill
for as it passes Springtime looms
and ever closer still


Tri-Haiku VIII (winter)

Behind winter’s veil
the brittle chill sent shivers
and I felt the cold

Behind winter’s veil
I dressed up warm to the chill
with best foot forward

Behind winter’s veil
I felt the warm of the sun
for a brief moment


A little summer still

There’s yellow in the garden
a little summer still
despite the fact it’s winter
and we have November chill

So I’ll hold this to my heart
for its promise is right there
Reminding me that summer
will be mine again to share



When I was last in Cardiff
the old hotel was there
Boarded up and derelict
yet still with life to share

But now it’s been demolished
leaving just an empty space
Its bygone age has left us
with a sadness in its place

So I’m pleased I took a photo
when I was last down here
For a memory to capture
something which I now hold dear



Travelling West

It’s dark outside, this early hour
the night is not yet done
Yet I’ve been up for quite some time
For me the morning’s come

Ahead for several hours
a journey beckons me
Travelling down to Cardiff
from Sussex by the sea

It’ll take me seven hours by train
via London first, quite slow
Then cross country down into the West
from Paddington I’ll go


Tri-haiku VII (music)

Here’s to the music
Through the years has kept me sane
and continues now

Here’s to the music
A melody for my life
wholesome to the core

Here’s to the music
‘long as I have ears to hear
It’s my sustenance


Red IV (haiku)

Crimson the blanket
Warm and crisp and crunchy soft
To rest in Autumn


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