Tri-sedoka IV (poetry in motion)

For inspiration
Eyes to see and pen to write
But mind to see suffices
For here are pictures
to capture with words now seen
for poetry in motion

To inspiration
A proverbial glass raised
‘Carpe Diem’, ‘Seize the day’
For here the pictures
are captured with words now seen
for poetry in motion

With inspiration
In revelry the poet
and every poem written
For here in pictures
captured with many words seen
is poetry in motion


Photo – Jempics

Tri-sedoka III (hope and promise)

In these early days
with hope and promise still fresh
from new year resolution
The light is still bright
as we raise an arm to shield
Squinting up into brightness

And long may they shine
Not to dim or break or fade
But stand up and be counted
prevailing and standing fast
to push back any darkness

Let this be the year
When the sun shines every day
Outwardly and inwardly
deep in every heart
to keep alive the promise
painted by hope’s bright picture


Photo – Jempics

Tri-sedoka II (introducing II)

Sedoka, I thought
as in its syllabic form
it provides the structure to
be very precise
with the words I choose to say
and the theme I choose to give

Sedoka, I thought
Just thirty-eight syllables
to craft poetic beauty
be very concise
and think carefully about
all the words I want to use

Sedoka, I thought
Adequately fits today
and gives the reader something
as these words they rest
in these three given verses
to whet there an appetite


Photo – Jempics

Sedoka is a Japanese poetic writing form comprising 38 syllables in a 5, 7, 7, 5, 7, 7 sequence

Tri-sedoka I (introducing)

I am sedoka
with syllabic sequencing
represented here in six
lines of five, seven,
seven and then five again
and then two final sevens

I am sedoka
Six lines of poetic form
Crafted here with chosen words
my wordsmithery
brings to life the poet’s voice
in the phrases captured here

I am sedoka
Three verses introducing
you to my six crafted lines
Conscious of the time
to conclusion I hasten
and end these lines here with this


[Sedoka is a poetry form of Japanese origin with a syllabic sequencing of 5, 7, 7, 5, 7, 7]

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