New Week Sedoka

Monday morning comes
and a new week starts with zest
full of anticipation
So I for one won't
stand out in the way of that
and silence 'carpe diem'


Photo – Jempics

[Sedoka is a non-rhyming Japanese tradition in a syllabic sequence of 5-7-7-5-7-7] 


Wednesday Sedoka

Wednesday morning and
midweek meandering brings
the curl of lips and knowing
that the weekend looms
with time for being me and
for not suffering the fools


[Sedoka is a traditional Japanese non-rhyming poetic form with a syllabic sequence of 5-7-7-5-7-7]

Sunday Sedoka (breathe)

For a long moment
I forgot to breathe as I
for mesmerising moments
gazed at the picture
from Mother Nature's palette
as autumn gold she painted


Photo – autumn at Sheffield Park, Sussex, UK – Jempics

[Sedoka is a Japanese non-rhyming six line stanza with a syllabic sequencing of 5-7-7-5-7-7]

Sedoka for Friday rain

6 of 7 in ‘The syllabic series 22’ from Jemverse

The promise came true
briefly today as sunshine
warming like a new blanket
returned like a smile
and a word from its pure heart
to lift our spirits again


[Sedoka is a non-rhyming Japanese poetic form with a syllabic sequence of 5 – 7 – 7- 5 – 7 – 7]

Tri-sedoka VII (Thursday)

And so it's Thursday
another week almost gone
but not to wish time away
I still live each day
to its complete fulfilment
for every day is precious

And so for Thursday
for here is no exception
time once spent to never gain
or recoup again
so I spend it with wisdom
treasuring experience

And now for Thursday
for if you are reading this
and the hour is still early
you have the freedom
to do as I do with time
and use it to gain wisdom


Photo – Jempics

Sedoka – traditional Japanese verse comprising six non-rhyming lines with a syllabic sequence of 577577

Tri-sedoka V – Friday

I long for Friday
as when it arrives each week
I can relax into the
knowledge that for the
next two days time slows right down
and all of this time is mine

I yearn for Friday
for with it comes confidence
offered freely with weekends
for freedom and zest
Two days and family and me
are all that is important

I feel for Friday
almost as a living thing
as the week slip-slides away
and here cathartic
a relaxation washes
quite completely over me


Photo – Jempics

Last day sedoka

So we wave goodbye
avoiding use of ‘farewell’
words for this year now passing
Welcome to the new
with this eve for promised hope
here’s to a brighter future


Picture – Yoshida Toshi (1911 – 1995) – ‘Half Moon Bridge’ – Woodcut on paper (1940)

[Sedoka is a Japanese poetic form comprising 38 syllables in a sequence of 5, 7, 7, 5, 7, 7.]

Autumn revisited

1 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

As autumn takes hold
Summer fades to memory
with a tinge of sadness there

Yet with the autumn
the golden treasure returns
And we are richer for that


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse orginally published ‘Autumn‘ on 11 October 2015]

Six poetics #1 (Sedoka)

1 in a series of 6

And so for this week
a return to form I think
today with a ‘sedoka’
to help set the scene
Japanese poetic form
inspiring you the reader


Sedoka is a japanese poetry form comprising 38 syllables spread over 6 non-rhyming lines with a syllabic sequence of 5,7,7, 5,7,7

Photo – ‘Half Moon Bridge’ (1940) by Yoshida Toshi (1911-1995

Sedoka week VII (Saturday)

7 of 7

And so Saturday
ending this Sedoka week
allowing me the writer here
one more verse to speak
For it’s only with my words
that I can paint my pictures


Photo – ‘Painter by Ferryboat’ – woodcut on paper – Yamada Basuke (©1930)

Sedoka is a japanese poetry form comprising 38 syllables spread over 6 non-rhyming lines with a syllabic sequence of 5,7,7, 5,7,7

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