Beach Hut weather revisited

7 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Beach Huts’ series

Felt quite low for several days
but then the sun arrived
Opened up the beach hut
glad to be alive
Wandered round the market
picked up a few cheap things
Watched the plovers playing
fishing on the wing

Saw a rabbit on the beach
frolicking about
Holly learned to fly a kite
got the nets back out
Brewed up coffee on the stove
lounged about in chairs
Forgot all about the world out there
our worries and our cares

The children found the sand again
with their buckets and their spades
And though the sea was pretty cold
we had a little wade
Chucked a Frisbee in the wind
sketched a little bit
Wrote a poem in my book
ate some chocolate bics

Hope this beach hut weather stays
now for a little while
As we need a perk back up again
and learn again to smile


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse originally published ‘Beach Hut Weather‘ on 18 May 2014


Found myself in Sussex

Found myself in Sussex
in fields of verdant green
Early Spring or Summer
the best that I had seen

Seemed time for adventure
in hills I hold so dear
The ones right on my doorstep
so close and yes, so near

So much for me to see and do
just wander for a while
Take in the sights around me
and always with a smile

These hills and fields of Sussex
my element is here
As all of this is part of me
and always brings me cheer


Photo – The South Downs way, Devils Dyke, Sussex – Jempics

My Mum

Just like the summer sunshine
My Mother shines for me
As she has done throughout the years

So on this Mothering Sunday
Have a really special day
With all my thanks for being you
In every single way


Photo – Ruth Eunice Croucher snapped in June 1959 by my father, John Alan Croucher, a week after the birth of her firstborn (me).

Liverpool Skyline

Liverpool skyline
Five thirty A.M.
and I’m in a hotel
on my travels again
Radio City at St Johns
lights up the sky
up there just off Lime Street
ever so high
And it’s peaceful up here
with the lights all aglow
with the Liverpool skyline
to start a day slow


Photo – Liverpool from the 11th floor of the Novotel on Hanover Street looking towards the Radio City Tower at St Johns – Jempics

Giggle and cheer

To Alcampo for brunch
with the family in tow
London Road, Brighton
devoid now of snow

Good conversation
Flat whites and beer
A nice place to come
for a giggle and cheer

And I think this is what
the weekends are for
as with family close
I could not ask for more


Photo – the Alcampo coffee lounge/bar/restaurant, London Road, Brighton, UK – Jempics


3 of 5 in the Jemverse ’31’ series

It’s becoming a tradition
as this is the second year
February seventeen
and a walk to have a beer
We’re spoilt for choice in Sussex
with the hills to take us there
So here’s to many more years still
this special day to share


Photo – The company for Esory Lime’s 2nd annual birthday walk (February 2018), Fulking Escarpment, Sussex – Jempics

Two little pigeons

Two little pigeons
after some food
I’ve got a flat white
don’t mean to be rude
But no little morsels
have I to give you
so away pesky pigeons
‘Be off with you. Shoo!’


Photo – Jempics

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