Sunshine in St James’

Centre drum westwards,
Heading home
Once Victoria, chiselled stood
Horse and carriage, silk top hats
For gentlemen to roam

Through hollow hallowed halls
to Horseguards Parade
The nation’s treasure safely held
Entrusted to the suited few
But seldom fortune made

Sunshine greets St James’ Park
An oasis of green
Bordered by towering history
The Queen’s black swans, a home
where royalty has been

Birdcage Walk, the palace there
Just a view away
And I, from long day’s trudge come
To this honour and this privilege
On this sunny winter’s day



Solitude with seagulls

Sea fog hides my Sussex fields
Rolling in from flattened sea
But, masked from view, its fragrance
drifts in and welcomes me

It is a private solitude
This early morning time
With cries of inland gulls above
To add discordant chime

But it is to me a pleasing sound
They are as friends to me
Part and parcel of this little town
Of Shoreham by the sea




When I get lacklustre
And my mind begins to slow
A recharging of the batteries
Renews ‘get up and go’

With this I share affinity
with my mobile and my Mac
For when they drop to ten per cent
It is energy they lack

So when I need a recharge
I get out into the sun
Walk around a little while
Breathe deep and have some fun

A recharging of the batteries
Works wonders all the time
Some space for me instead of work
Keeps me in my prime



Broadband (haiku)

One small amber light
means no internet again.
We need constant blues.



As sunbeams filter through the trees
And the river is as glass
The fragility of winter fades
As springtime comes to pass

It is late February, soon be March
And today is made of blue
No cloud in sight to blemish
This renewal of the truth

A little rain came later on
But the warming of the sun
Combined with new growth greenery
Tells me springtime has begun


Catching Happy


The effort of wearing a frown, I am told
Is harder than wearing a smile
And what a change one can bring to the world all at once
With a happy face once in a while

There’s a saying that goes, if I remember it right
“Catch someone doing some good”
So easy to chide, to point out the faults
Than to be nice every day, as we should

So keep watching out there as this week continues
A smile could be coming your way
Happy might catch you when you least expect
But it’s sure to help brighten your day


Photo of Henry the happy pig by Jempics

A life worth living

I might see a roaring wave
or a flower on the breeze
or a smile as something happens
or something brings me to my knees

I might feel a mountain
or a feather floating by
I might spill a thousand tears
as their beauty makes me cry

I might feel like shouting
or whispering a while
or simply want to say something
that would conjure up a smile

I might hear some music
that sends a shiver down my spine
or smell the scent of lavender
or some other fragrance fine

I might see and hear and taste
Senses in overdrive
All just daily facets of what
it means to be alive


Getting wet

Like peas in a pod, my brother and I
Stand out in the rain whilst others keep dry
‘That seems really strange’ I hear you all cry
But you’ve not yet heard the reasoning why

For we both like walking and have all the gear
So getting wet in the rain is nothing we fear
‘Well that’s understandable’ I hear you all cheer
‘We hope it rains on you in your walking this year!’



Ocean Mind

With ocean in mind
this week I have written
a trilogy of poems
with which I am smitten

Sometimes I find words
and set them quite free
Whereas others will stay
and become part of me

That’s happened this week
Soul, heart and now mind
Three different aspects
But three of a kind

My favourite subject
It never tires
It’s always just there and
It always inspires

The sea and the ocean
A poet’s delight
For the words it inspires
Which are always just right


The ‘Ocean Trilogy’ – Ocean Soul, Ocean Heart and, as above, Ocean Mind

Ocean Heart

I have a heart for the ocean
(No pun intended
no reference to movies
or films here extended)

It’s something that’s rooted
Deep in my being
Helped every day by the
views I am seeing

I live by the coast so
it’s kind of expected
A taciturn love affair
often neglected

The sea, quite majestic
throughout the year
A privilege I have by
living down here

It’s a friend I have had
from an early start
The ocean is part of me
and deep in my heart


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