On the beach with its stones
I am often alone
But I’m not far from home
so I quite often come

It has peace to condone
Free from hassle and phone
And it’s not far from home
so I quite often come



The bigger the waves
the louder my shout becomes
Laughing on the shore


Open House

We had an open house this year
Adur Arts in June
Three weekends with Sally’s glass
displayed in the front room

We had several interested parties
round from time to time
People said the nicest things
which is of course just fine

But it’s quite an imposition
and the dogs were not that keen
So I rather think we’ll pass next year
Though I’m pleased that we have been



Poetry comes alive

Midnight petrichor
the earth brings me to her and
night time takes me there

Sometimes my best words
come in the small hours
when I should be deep in slumber

Midnight petrichor
The fragrance of a day ended
when poetry comes alive



Sat in St Nicholas’ churchyard
high up on the hill
overlooking Brighton
with all around me still

Sipped a bold, strong coffee
the sunshine breaking through
with history around me
which from my past I knew

There’s change around about of course
new buildings stark and cold
yet Brighton’s essence here remains
quintessentially old

A haven with a tranquil peace
God’s hand is present here
A little bit of heaven
with the bustling city near


With inspiration here

I write with words that always come
formed into lines until I’m done
A synergy that’s oft begun
with inspiration here

I write with pen in little book
carried with me for a look
Ideas in rhyme with line and hook
with inspiration here

I write because it’s part of me
Because I want others to see
and share the love and synergy
with inspiration here


Night and day

Neath crimson sky
I whiled away
the embers of a golden day

Neath golden sky
I bid adieu
to night time and a morning new


Joy to share

Glint on water
Sea of blue
You’re just like a friend I knew

Oft I came
sat for a while
That friend knew how to make me smile

Whiled the hours
slow away
Just sitting here on summer day

Looking out
with sunshine there
My true friend this joy to share


Digging Weeds

Digging weeds
is hard and hot
and our allotment
has a lot
But it’s rewarding
when we see
things we’ve planted
growing free


Letting go

I have words in my hand
which I keep small
secretive, in case they fall

But sometimes when
the pace is slow
I’ll open up and let them go


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