The breathless cygnet

Beside the Brayford Pool
in Lincoln’s city fair
Two swans swam toward me
with a cygnet following there

He was moaning as he followed
in his parents’ speedy wake
with a little voice that whimpered
“Slow down for pity’s sake”

But, resolute he didn’t
waiver or resign
following at a distance
in his much slower time

I smiled as he came near me
for his accomplishment
Urged him ever onward
to give encouragement

And, unless I was mistaken
I’m sure he looked at me
and chirped a little ‘thank you’
(though rather breathlessly)


Photos – swans on Brayford Pool, Lincoln – Jempics



This week you’ll find me writing
about an animal each day
And though the choice is massive
Alpacas do deserve a say
And there are three here in particular
that I wanted to include
For as they made a special effort
not to do so would be rude

With early Beatles haircuts
these three called by to say hello
So we had a conversation
about this and that, you know
They stayed a while and ate some grass
whilst we had cups of tea
Just us and three alpacas
as one does nonchalantly


Photo – Alpacas, Sandy Balls, New Forest, UK – Jempics

The Winter Word


If I were a penguin
I’m sure I’d think it nice
when all was cold around me
and the ground was thick with ice

But I am not a penguin
(although they are my favourite bird)
As I hanker after summer warmth
and dislike the ‘Winter’ word


Photo – Jempics

Goosey Gander


I met a goose this morning
in the early morning chill
waiting by the bench with hope
his tummy for to fill
It was a little early though
No food had I to hand
So I merely smiled a greeting
bidding him ‘Good Morning’ and
Wandered slowly on my way
to hum a little ditty
Writing words about it, droll
and also rather witty




A caterpillar came a-crawling
through my garden yesterday
So I captured him on video
as he went upon his way
He’ll turn into a Hawk Moth
I am reliably informed
but as they’re simply massive
I’m glad I’ve been forewarned
Still, I don’t think I will see him
as of big moths I’m not so fond
‘Cos he ended his short journey
in the foliage by the pond


Photo – Jempics

A new home

27 November

His family had lived
in the same place for years
Safe from harm’s way
with no worries or fears
Foraging for food
in the gardens around
Then up to the homestead
up high above ground

Until one day last summer
with no forewarning
His home was chopped down
one horrible morning
What would he do now
the poor little chap
With no safe have left
from this dreadful mishap?

Yet as luck would have it
and most fortunately
He’s just that same day
found another tall tree
Not too far away
and better in fact
As this was much taller
with more space intact

So as splinters were cleared
from the age old homestead
a family of squirrels
to their new home were led
And now every morning
when sipping my tea
I’ll give them a wave
as they scamper past me


The penguin dichotomy

Like little old men
they totter about
wobbling unsteady
as if they have gout
They fall over a lot
on their short stubby legs
and are really unsteady
on those little pegs

But once in the water
they are graceful and free
as they swim underwater
in their homeland, the sea
Yes penguins have wings
and they use them to fly
with speed in the ocean
like the birds in the sky


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