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The spirea in full bloom

with white flowers there abundant

and warmth of the sunshine

means winter’s redundant

and I’m pleased about that

and it fills me with joy

something first realised

when only a boy

For as a child of the summer

the heat’s that of June

from the warmth of the Springtime

cannot come too soon

For I’m alive in this weather

when the sun climbs up high

and the clouds are all fluffy

and blue fills the sky

So the spirea in full bloom

forms a synergy here

which is always a comfort

at this time of year


Photo – Jempics

‘Spirea’ was first published as ‘A synergy born‘ in April 2017. Rewritten April 2021

Summer to share

The warmth on my shoulder
as I sit here and write
is really quite lovely
in this winter sunlight
It feels just like summer
and if I close my eyes
I can see myself there
with no little surprise

But it’s February now
and though it’s still cold
it won’t be that long
if I may be so bold
before Springtime gathers
and the weather prepares
as its garners itself
the summer to share


Photo – Jempics

Ballistic Nasturtiums

The nasturtiums’ gone ballistic
even though the summer’s gone
as it’s reaching now to skyward
and its stems are very long
It’s spreading ‘cross the garden
showing no sign of demise
which with its splash of colour
at this time of year is wise

The nasturtiums’ gone ballistic
but I fear come the first frost
it might then come a cropper
and begin to count the cost
But until then we are happy
with its vibrancy right here
as every day it brings us joy
rekindling summers’ cheer


Photo – Jempics

The last day of summer

The weather forecast tells me
That tomorrow there’s a turn
In the weather we have seen of late
So last chance here to burn
Just one more day of summer
It’s not that much to ask
A final opportunity
Beneath that sun to bask

And then, resolved to autumn
I will put the shorts away
And find some warmer things to do
To occupy my day
But this afternoon it’s summer
So I am out there in the sun
Completely in my element
Until last day is done


Photo – Jempics

Summer’s sweet encore

4 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘On the beach’ series

Eight thirty in the morning
the sun warm on my brow
in September shorts with
the summer still somehow
The sunglare on the water
the millpond of the sea
and overhead the cloud free sky
means here’s the place to be
The beach down here at Lancing
on England’s southern shore
here for one more day at least
for summer’s sweet encore


Photo – Jempics

Wispy skies

3 of 3

Very high up in the blue
frilly like a feather
wispy clouds with tendrils
float by in summer weather

They seem so delicate down here
and really don’t last long
as just a moment later
I looked up and they were gone


Photo – Jempics

Living in shorts

So I sat in the garden
and it felt very hot
which sat well with me
as, content with my lot
I am best in the sunshine
and the summer sun
living in shorts ’til
the cooler times come

And truthfully if it
was always like this
I’d be in my element
living in bliss
Yes, the rain when it comes
is welcome at night
but the days they are best
with no clouds in sight

And if temperatures stayed
in the thirties all year
I know that I would
be happy right here
I’d live life in shorts
throw long trousers away
for it would be summer
most every day

So keep shining sunshine
high temperatures stay
keep this man happy
on each summer day
For I’m not one for Autumn
or Winter or Spring
but a child of Summer
in sunshine to sing


Photo – Jempics 

Hoping for rain

I’m hoping for a little rain
to cool me down in this
something I always welcome
as for me the heat is bliss

But it has been relentless
as in England unprepared
the infrastructure fails
so no-one here is spared

We toss and turn through sleepless nights
the mugginess remains
and with little change in temperature
our homes the heat retains

So just a little cooling rain
would be quite welcome here
As though we love the summer sun
it’s sure to bring some cheer

Not for long, mind you, of course
as fickle temperament
always hankers after sun
whenever rain is sent


Photo – Jempics

Things to do on hot days III

And yes there is the beach hut
turquiose, waiting by the sea
a favourite and always
where we’d really like to be
For here the air is tranquil
and the view it is sublime
full bodied and resplendent
like a really good fine wine

Something here to savour
and breathe in and just enjoy
for it’s freedom in in the making
in our gift here to employ
A privilege not lost on us
so you can be quite sure
that we all make the most of it
always coming back for more


Photo – Jempics

Things to do on hot days I

Went down to Al Campo
the heat just like abroad
somewhere on the Continent
for brunch between a word

Conversation with my children
well, most of them at least
with a cold beer on the side
and late breakfast for a feast

The sunshine was most welcome
a good day for a break
decided on that yesterday
and made the choice to take

So I will make the most of this
exquisite amongst days
until the closing embers
of the sunshine’s warming rays

For days like this are special
so advantage one must take
as they are made for memories
to forge and dreams to make


Photo – Jempics

[Al Campo is a cafe bar in Brighton, UK]

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