(revisiting) And II…

2 of 10 in the ‘Malleable 23’ series

And I’ll tell you one thing
And this is quite good
And it has a good ending
And it’s right that it should
And though there’s a chill
And it’s still hanging on
And there’s no way of knowing
And you feel put upon
And your thoughts turn to Spring
And your voice turns to song
And you know it’s now March
And it won’t be that long
And then things will blossom
And the trees will turn green
And the days will be warm
And be the best they have been


Series pic – Jempics

And II…‘ was first published in March 2020



3 of 12 in the ‘My very best’ series

In the sand we saw footprints that led to the sun
and we followed them true for a while
but then a distraction called from one side
so we scurried away with a smile

But the smile of distraction soon turned to a frown
and could never hold us for long
as we realised its shallow deception
and grew tired of its welcoming song

So we knew then the footprints were where we should be
to follow them on to the Son
for the truth, when it hit us was evident then
as the place where life was begun


Photo – Jempics

‘Footprints’ was first written back in July 1996 but hasn’t been published anywhere until now

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