The Gift II

I sat quiet of a morning with sunshine outside
here in the peace of this place
with the things I love most close by and at hand
feeling blessed to be given this grace

For that's what it is unequivocal there
a gift given gracefully free
to have and to hold and to use to its best
the life which is all about me

And I am its custodian so wisdom expects
no falter in duty or task
So I'll honour that grace and do as I'm bid
as that isn't a great deal to ask


Photo – Jempics


Old Father Thames and a slow evening

Spent a while with Old Father Thames
as it meandered slow to the sea
far to the east from where I was then
down in the Thames Estuary
As here I am bathed in late evening sun
in Brentford, West London this week
May's weather sees summer returning at last
evident here as I speak

For this evening the peace by the river is fine
almost quiet in a London-like way
slow with assurance now work's day is done
to show itself to me today
In a while I will wander back to the hotel
but for now with contentment complete
I'll sit here and watch as the river rolls by
satisfied and relaxed and replete


Photo – Kew Bridge, Brentford, West London – Jempics

All was well

At the cusp of a day
an arm wrapped around shoulders
and squeezed

Calm descended
as clouds parted to a brightness unseen
and all was well


Photo – Jempics

Sunset coming

There's a sunset coming though a ways off yet
I can see the glow to the West
as the evening time approaches now
a bid at my behest

It's yellow, pink and pastel
and full of warming glow
foretelling of a different time
that all too soon I'll know

It's a sunset of the summer
one of a perfect day
and though it's lasted many years
I'm ready now I'd say

So here I breathe and deeply
satisfaction is replete
as the sunset coming gathers pace
and sees this time complete


Photo – Jempics

[And yes…there’s a metaphor here. Third line of verse three gives a clue to what it portends. But I suspect there will be several more over the next few months to give the game away]

Pillbox Pond

Across Springfield by Skyglade
above the Amos brook
the pillbox by the millpond
was worth a second look
Nestled underneath the trees
its brickwork overgrown
a peaceful life from brutal years
for seven decades known


Photo – World War II pillbox – Ouse Valley, Sussex – Jempics

Peace found

Had ten days last month for wonderful things
to all bring a joy and pull at heartstrings
Places to visit and things to see there
taking photos to later re-live and re-share
Ten days of staycation what more could I need
when living in Sussex for this life that I lead?
As Sussex has all the 'joie de vivre' I desire
with its people and places and things I admire
So whenever a moment affords this release
I'm happy in Sussex as at home I find peace


Photo – Houghton Hill, Sussex from the garden of the George & Dragon – Jempics

Stopham Bridge IV

At Stopham Bridge, late summer
with cool waters down below
as the Arun slowly trickles
on a turning tide quite slow

Sitting on the decking of the
White Hart across the way
this view is quite breathtaking
on this peaceful summer day

Tranquil here the setting
this place amongst the best
of my favourites in Sussex
where I'll always come to rest


Photo – the White Hart Inn from Stopham Bridge (c.1347) – Jempics

Complete II

In my garden at nightfall
when the sun has just set
and the heat of the day still remains
I find solace and respite
as on my bench with repose
I appreciate all of life's gains

For here is a moment
which is all of my own
precious like treasure, replete
and as the light of the day
is enveloped by night
congenital here, I'm complete


Photo – Jempics

Two Tanagas (II – Sunday)

Sunday's come and peace I find
relaxation here, unwind
emptying my busy mind
perfect with this sunshine timed


Tanaga is a Tahitian poetic 4-line rhyming stanza each with 7 syllables

At the eve III (part 3)

3 of 12 in the Jemverse summer 22 series ‘Melting Days’

At the eve of this day
I will dip my toes in cooling waters
and there will be the lap of an ebbing tide
and the taste of salt on my lips
and there I will find peace


Photo – Jempics

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