Haughton Hall

In tranquilly the waters of the
Haughton Hall Estate
Lie still and peaceful of a morning
Beauty none could dare berate

The mirrored calm reflected here
Inspires a brief respite
Ventured to in early hours
At the end of autumn night

Deep in the heart of Shropshire
Unspoilt by any hand
Haughton Hall’s quiet grandeur
Rests in England’s pleasant land



Euston Square

Hoards of people waiting
Coffees at their side
Watching the announcement boards
Waiting for their ride

Most of them have tablets
But far from ailing they
Peering at their Windows
At the beginning of their day

Many journeys pending
I too will soon be gone
On my way to Telford
Having paused to write this song


I am a spectrum

I have colours
more than most
Converse yellow
Blue of coats
Rainbow there
With bag of red
I am a spectrum
Where e’er I tread


The brightening of a day

The railway crossing barrier’s dull
At the best of times
Yet I spotted something there today
Waiting by the lines

It doesn’t take an awful lot
To brighten up a day
Yet someone’s thought had done just that
In a rather special way


Last Lavender

Summer’s gone from garden now
But there’s still a small trace left
Last lavender braced against the chill
But looks a tad bereft

The leaves have turned and fallen now
Just a hint of red remains
Last lavender fragrant to the last
Inspiring sweet refrains.



I know a pig called Henry
He lives in Lancing town
He’s usually got a smile
But occasionally wears a frown
He lives in Jack’s back garden
In a converted garden shed
Nice and cosy, full of straw
And perfect for his bed

He wears a smart red harness
For when Jack takes him for a walk
And people stare and wonder
Mutter things and talk
He’s partial to a beer or two
When Jack’s left some lying round
And in the summer in the sunshine
He will sunbathe on the ground

Henry’s also getting famous
He’s had a starring role
In a music video for a band
Whilst going for a stroll
He is partial to a little snack
So if you visit him
Bring a little something
And you’ll see his piggy grin




We’re not too bad at greetings
But it depends much on our mood
Sometimes when this is suffering
We can be rather rude

Not so with canine companions
They always have a smile
Whether you’ve been gone for just a mo
Or away for quite a while




There’s a cold nip in the air today
The first I’ve felt this year
At least since January/February time
Winter’s back I fear

I really do not like the cold
With jumpers, scarves and hat
Shivering and stamping feet
Can’t be bothered with all that

There’s only two things good ’bout Winter
Christmas time is one
The other is when it starts to snow
‘Cos then it gets quite fun




In these fragile days of Autumn
When I am flustered by strong gales
There’s something to look forward to
The partaking of fine ales

A tipple of an evening
When the weather is like this
Gives a little taste of summer
With its happiness and bliss

Just one is quite sufficient
Though sometimes I might have two
That, and a bit of music
Takes the edge off feeling blue


Homefield Park

Homefield Park, West Worthing
Upon its spreading greens
So many times I’ve visited
Through five decades it seems

A haven for the family
For picnics ‘neath the trees
Or walks in Autumn’s golden days
Kicking up the leaves

Halfpipes now for boarders
Tennis courts have gone to seed
The movement of the years that pass
Makes way for changing need

Unchanging though remain the trees
Proud ‘neath Worthing skies
A Homefield Park for squirrels too
Taking refuge in their size


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