Special Place

Part 2 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘At Home’ series

At home I have a special place
A little room for me
Somewhere to sit in quiet
where I just love to be
Sometimes the dogs will join me
and snooze beneath my feet
As I relax and play a game
in my special comfy seat


Photo – Jempics



There are quite a lot of sounds
that are pleasing to the ear
Mellifluous they may be called
Sweet and smooth to hear

For me, one in particular
made by a little chap
My small brown dog called ‘Obi’
and when he drinks with just a lap


Photo – ‘Obi Wan-Kinobi’ looking gorgeous – Jempics

Sunshine IV

Sometimes those sunshine moments
catch you unaware
when beams of warmth come calling
and find you waiting there
And you are in your element
as summer calls your name
The dulcet sound you’ve longed for
returns with life again


Photo – the poet’s dog “Obi-wan Kinobi’ found by sunshine – Jempics


This week I have been writing
about an animal each day
So I think I’ll finish with the dog
and let them have their say
I mention this quite glibly
for in my house they’re loud
make their presence known with barks
of which they’re jolly proud

And when not barking they’re asleep
except when eating stuff
And then it’s back to sleep because
life as a dog is tough
But they need all of that energy
for the loving that they bring
And having them around the place
is close to everything


Photos – (top) Obi Wan Kinobi (aged 2), (middle) Basil Fawlty (aged 15), (bottom) the boys – Jempics

The poet’s dog


Curled up in a ball
and sleeping as I write
My faithful hound called ‘Obi’
is a lovely sight
He’s really happy snoozing
whilst I find words to say
But now and then looks up at me
to make sure I’m okay
So as a sort of accolade
with a cheer and little clap
I’ll write this poem for him
‘Cos he’s a lovely little chap


A dog, the ‘force’ and a smile


In a patch of yellow flowers
he sat and looked at me
panting in the sunshine
and acting playfully
He was quite content to sit there
long enough to take a snap
before running off and playing
for he’s a boisterous little chap

Obi-wan Kinobi
is his name (just by the way)
Given as he came to us
upon the fourth of May
“May the fourth be with you”
(think about it for a while)
For I am sure, just like our little dog
it’s bound to bring a smile


(Photo – ‘Obi-wan Kinobi’ on Mill Hill, West Sussex – Jempics)



Thinking that I really ought
to get myself together
The High Trees circle beckoned
with a turning of the weather
Sun was shining bright and warm
and with Obi on the lead
We set off along the riverbank
at a reasonable speed

It’s good to get the practice in
for the South Downs walk this May
When, with my brother David we’ll
be walking every day
The High Trees circle, seven miles
so a good rehearsal for
The Eastward South Downs Way we’ve planned
and all that has in store


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