Drifting away

Red Snapper Mojo floating
I'm here, relaxed and me
listening to the stereo
the perfect place to be

Life goes on around about
and I'm ok with that
as I am in my element
chilled out to be exact

This laidback jazz is perfect
for the mood I'm in right now
leave the world behind me
which feels just right somehow

Perhaps I'll close my eyes
and drift away a while
cos these tunes are pretty perfect
for a snoozing with a smile


Photo – Jempics

Christmas Eve

5 of 5 in the Jemverse series ‘The week before Christmas’

Christmas Eve Friday is here at long last
let the japes and the cheer now begin
for this family together
as it has now forever
is bursting with laughter and grin

For this is our happiness and nothing less
cathartic and wondrous and free
all six here as one
for plenty of fun
to share with this great family


Photo – Jempics

Obi the Squidge

2 of 5 in ‘The week before Christmas’ series from Jemverse

Obi the Squidge is a dog of small stature
but although his legs may be short
he knows what is what
and the good life he's got
and he's fast enough not to be caught

Obi the Squidge has a brain that is cunning
so when he sees something he's not allowed
he waits til time's right
and then out of sight
makes off with the prize feeling proud


Photo – Jempics

Lamp stand Lovely

Bought a new lampshade
it's small and petite
but on the old lamp stand
it looks nice and sweet
The lamp stand we've had
two score years and some
since we were first wed
and the two became one

So it holds for us precious
memories close to the heart
and just for that reason
it's pleasing to start
it on yet another
new lease of life
this precious old lamp stand
to me and my wife


Photo – Jempics

Tidy up done

It was long overdue so I gave it a spruce
chucked out all the old magazines
dusted the shelves and tidied things up
got the cobwebs and grime in the seams

Gave it a hoover, well the carpet at least
sorted my pens and the books
got a new cushion for my swivel desk chair
swept out the crannies and nooks

And now even if I say it myself
it looks quite fantastic and clean
just as well as during the pandemic it has
been mostly the room where I've been

And now with my music, my games and my writing
it provides a clean space to be in
so I've vowed to make sure that I keep it that way
and don't simply empty the bin


Photo – ‘after’ – Jempics

See also ‘Tidy up coming

Tri-haiku XXXVI (Warmth of weekends)

The warmth of weekends
cosy from winter blankets
bodes well to the week

So with high spirits
Monday comes with gusto here
cocooned I embrace

And the warm embers
envelope and protect me
as the week proceeds


Photo – Jempics


With its long reach
this station clad
with many journeys
I have had
Over the years
to different places
some with airs
and some with graces
Quiet, it exudes
a charm
which here has never
done me harm
A comfort even
home from home
from all the stations
I have known
For this is Shoreham
part of me
in this town
beside the sea


Photo – Jempics

Tidy up coming

My room could use a tidy up
as it's looking fairly grim
indicative that more or less
tis only room I'm in

As it's here that I'm most comfortable
most days throughout the year
for my music and my writing
and my games which bring me cheer

But now it needs a tidy up
some TLC from me
too get rid of all the rubbish
and yes, some space to free

And then perhaps I'll find things
I've mislaid as weeks go by
to rekindle an enjoyment
with a grinning and a sigh

Besides a pairing down is always
a cathartic thing to do
as it brings about a freshness
of a thing that feels brand new

So my room will get a tidy up
which I'll reflect here with some lines
I'll write when I have done so
with some syntax and some rhyme


Photo – ‘before’ – Jempics

See also ‘Tidy up done

Measure on measure

The Christmas tree's up
and it's twinkling there
under the window
good spirit to share
It's welcoming glow
is a comforting sight
when I leave in the morning
and return home at night

And the advent sack beckons
a departure this year
from traditional boxes
but still oozing cheer
As every morning we delve
to find a new treasure
from our four grown-up children
for measure on measure


Photo – our Christmas 21 ‘advent sack’ – Jempics

Home alone

Today I'm here and home alone
'Cos Harry Potter's not my thing
at least not live performance
with encouragement to sing

'Cos that's where all my family
have gone today save me
swanning off to London
so I have the day quite free

Yes, there will be music
a no brainer there, and games
and perhaps a little snooze
as the forecast is for rain

Later on a movie of my choice
I'll maybe watch and view
with nibbles and a jar of ale
filled with my favourite brew

And Obi-wan-Kinobi
our little dog and me
will spend this day when home alone
in perfect company


Photo – Jempics

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