The golden hour

The golden of the evening
is a lovely thing to see
glistening on forsythia
and shining off its leaves

Particularly through the strands
of our new sunscreen door
colourful it gently sways
which is what we bought it for

And there is birdsong out there
as the sunset it arrives
a joyful song to end the day
and the pleasure it derives

By and by the setting sun
will slowly fade away
as night time comes to take a hold
at the closing of the day

But now until that time arrives
I'll enjoy this respite here
within the subtle warmth of June
we have this time of year


Photo – Jempics


Church Cottage Twitten

Betwixt Church Street and Middle
in the ancient of the town
is 'Church Cottage Twitten'
where I'll often wander down
It's a short cut to the High Street
and it's quiet and very quaint
besides I like the older things
'Cos young though now I ain't


Photo – Jempics

Little yellow

Little yellow very lovely
dainty in the sun
at the bottom of my garden
now the summer has begun

It catches my attention
every time I pass it by
and it's so very gorgeous
that it brings a tear to eye

Tears of joy lest you should worry
for that's what yellows bring
the colour of the sunshine
and 'cos yellow is my thing


Photo – Jempics

Something Jack said

"Are you still writing each day"
Jack said and I grinned
for when wouldn't I
like the blow of the wind
For winds are like breathing
I need them to live
and craft them to lines
the syntax to give
The writing my solace
my 'raison d'être'
and the rest you all know
with my poems right there


Photo – Jempics

A week off

And now I am on holiday
no working for a week
the precious time all of us need
and starting as I speak

I suspect there'll be some sunshine
and some days down on the beach
relaxing at the beach hut
as it is in easy reach

And I'll take in the six-miler
on the hills above my home
as I've not done that in quite a while
so walking skills I'll hone

And then there's the allotment
or simply lazing in the sun
or if it rains, to play a game
until the week is done

One thing is for certain
I will make the best of things
on this my little holiday
and whatever this week brings


Photo – Jempics

So good the sun

So good to feel the sun again
and let its warmth envelope me
as I lie down and drift away
at ease and blissfully

So good to see the good it's done
to grass and bush and tree
as growth abundant blossoms
quite unequivocally

So good to know the sunshine does
all this and all for free
rejuvenates and satisfies
and evident to see

So good the sun and all it is
in June especially
with summer just beginning
and in all its infancy


Photo – Jempics

Tri-sedoka VII (Thursday)

And so it's Thursday
another week almost gone
but not to wish time away
I still live each day
to its complete fulfilment
for every day is precious

And so for Thursday
for here is no exception
time once spent to never gain
or recoup again
so I spend it with wisdom
treasuring experience

And now for Thursday
for if you are reading this
and the hour is still early
you have the freedom
to do as I do with time
and use it to gain wisdom


Photo – Jempics

Sedoka – traditional Japanese verse comprising six non-rhyming lines with a syllabic sequence of 577577

Sussex Trug

Got a Sussex Trug on Father's day
an antique one as well
it really is quite beautiful
and though not keen to dwell
it's something I have wanted
for as long as I recall
something made in Sussex
and from local wood and all

And this one in particular
as Sussex Trugs they be
is absolutely gorgeous
and just perfect here for me
So I will use it for my lavender
when harvest comes around
and other times for carrying
other things I've found

It'll work for the allotment
and also for the beach
so I'll make sure my Sussex Trug
remains in easy reach
For here no decoration
for this thing of beauty made
but put to use to honour both
the craftsman and his trade


Photo – Jempics

A Sussex Trug is a wooden frame basket almost peculiar to a small region in East Sussex and originating in the 1500s.  The handle and rim are of locally coppiced Sweet Chestnut, body is formed of willow boards and the feet of the same willow.

Traditionally used by local farmers and market gardeners for harvesting produce, measuring and feeding livestock they are now more generally used in the home and garden.


The garden's gone ballistic
over just the last few days
with branches full of colour
grown in lots of different ways
It's looking like a jungle
so we'll have to see to that
giving it a summer trim
with branches for the hack

It's amazing how a little rain
can bring about such change
but it won't take much to fix it all
when we get to rearrange
and it all adds to the loveliness
for pleasure to deploy
in a little have out the back
and a garden to enjoy


Photo – Jempics

Trees have feelings too

A tree jumped out as I walked by
surprise upon its face
I laughed and smiled right back at him
as I passed close by his space

He seemed quite pleased to see me
when the shock had passed away
so we had a conversation
on this lovely sunny day

He said it was polite of me
to stop and give him time
and most just passed and never paused
which borders on a crime

For conversations with a tree
are something life just does
so ignoring them and passing by
is really rude because

Trees they have some feelings
and need some loving too
just like the one I met today
in Brighton as you do


Photo – Jempics

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