The optimist

It’s the last day of the month
so these lines they should reflect
something of what’s taken place
and I can recollect

Of things we’ve done and visited
of how the weather’s been
of how we’ve coped and managed
of what we’ve felt and seen

But actually instead I feel
like I’m inclined to view
the promise of a month ahead
and something bright and new

Not that the month that ends today
has been one to forget
Far from it, it’s been wonderful
so no need there to fret

It’s just that promise beckons
and the optimist in me
doesn’t dwell upon the past
but treasure yet to be


Photo – Jempics


Simple Things

It’s been said before
It’ll be said again
but there’s no harm repeating
the oft sung refrain
that moments of bliss
when contentment’s complete
can be captured and held
to make life this sweet

They are unquantifiable
no mark and no measure
no yardstick or benchmark
for this simple pleasure
And of what do I speak
in these words written here?
The enjoyment of course
from a chat and a beer


Photo – Jempics

Because I can II

At the back end of August
with pause to regale
thoughts turned to the hills
and the much followed trail

So I put best foot forward
and headed out there
knowing it always
has much more to share

No selfishness here
it has so much to give
and for these Sussex hills
there’s reason to live

And not just to live
but a ‘je ne sais quoi’
for this is abundance
a ‘four to the bar’

Joie de vivre, enrichment
the making of man
so I’ll take advantage
right here as I can


Photo – the Sussex trail – Jempics

The hill, the view and breath taken

Walked through the woods
as it wended its way
uphill all the way to the Ring
The weather was kind
and we didn’t mind
as no waterproofs did we bring

The view from the top
of the Weald and beyond
breathtaking as it always is
and up here today
what more can we say
when faced with something like this?

We sat for a while
to take it all in
and then when we’d had our fill
Followed the track
as it took us right back
all the way home down the hill


Photo – Jem nearing the top of Chanctonbury Ring, West Sussex, UK – Gracey Croucher


I’m nearing the end of my poetry book
reason here to rejoice
for it means a new one will start really soon
leaving simply the problem of choice

For I’ve notebooks a-plenty just waiting for me
to write my poems inside
as I can’t resist when a new one I see
no matter how hard I’ve tried


Photo – Jempics

Wispy skies

3 of 3

Very high up in the blue
frilly like a feather
wispy clouds with tendrils
float by in summer weather

They seem so delicate down here
and really don’t last long
as just a moment later
I looked up and they were gone


Photo – Jempics

Moody skies

2 of 3

Ethereal the moody skies
O’er Shoreham beach this evening
promised rain in buckets
I suspect as we were leaving

Warm the breeze still blew
much harder from the west
bringing in the rain
from nature by request

And cobwebs disappeared
blown like chaff upon the wind
as in this elemental
under moody skies I grinned


Photo – Jempics

Crying skies

1 of 3

The sky cried today
but it’s been a long while
as for quite some time now
it’s been having a smile
with sunshine each day
for cheeriness here
blues skies and warmth
with days fine and clear

But this morning when I
was out and about
the sky lost its temper
with tantrum and shout
and down fell the tears
upon the dry ground
as it vented its anger
on all that’s around


Photo – Jempics

Music days II

Some days are for music
just sitting inside
and listening well for a while
as with much affection
here in my collection
I’ve plenty to bring me a smile

I’ve formats a-plenty
the choice is sublime
so I really have nothing to lose
as awfully soon
I will find me a tune
from whatever genre I choose


Photo – Jempics

Late lavender

In a patch by the pond
with driftwood surround
late lavender blooms in the sun
nurtured by hand
it’s now looking grand
with fragrance ’til summer is done

It’s watered each day
and tended with care
for it’s something with pleasure to bring
late lavender there
with beauty to share
so much as to make your heart sing


Photo – Jempics

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