Days Passing

These days each day is similar
but I don’t really mind
as there is much to occupy
and fill them all I find
I rise at four when it’s still dark
and spend an hour writing
updating all my poetry blogs
which I find quite exciting
Then weekdays I will work through two
on my window to the world
my laptop there connected
for daily tasks unfurled

Which always leaves me afternoons
when I can have a rest
and do the things I love to do
when days are at their best
Fillings’ not a problem
and I am never bored
for there’s so much to occupy
with all that life has stored
Upstairs I can sit down and play
a game on my Playstation
or in the front room lose myself
in films with fascination

On the middle floor our bedroom
is best for the sunlight
so I might spend some time in there
with books for my delight
And sometimes with some music
I will simply sit and smile
soaking up the sounds
in my best chair for a while
Yes each days these days are similar
but I couldn’t ask for more
as each affords a mystery
of what next waits in store


Photo – Jempics

Beginning V

5 of 12 in the Jemverse series ’12 months IV’

To the New Year a promise
here made to ones self
to remain true to form
and with all of my wealth
to capture from life
one day at a time
its essence in words
and transpose to line
Resolution here made
with every intention
to keep and to hold
and daily to mention
for these are my words
and this is my gift
from a poet to you
your spirits to lift
So with new beginning
I’ll start with intent
for here is a promise
wholeheartedly meant


Photo – Jempics

Poem found

I found a good word
which would make a good start
at the front of a poem
of which it was part

So I placed it right there
and thought of the rest
and the spaces they’d fill
where they’d look their best

And when it was done
and the order was sound
I read the words back
of the poem I’d found


Photo – Jempics

A sheep’s lot

A sheep looking chilly
there in the field
caught my eye when just passing
in the Sussex Weald

Forlorn it stood pleading
with a look it its eye
“Could it come with me?”
as I wandered by

Alas though much as
jocund company it
would no doubt have given
me there in a bit

I had to say ‘no’
as it would not be right
for a sheep to come walking
with me in plain sight

So I bade it farewell
said it had to be patient
sheep are meant to be there
and not bee complacent

at least not enough to
when perchance I should come
to pass by its field
with some promise of fun

But I smiled as I said this
and gave it a wave
which I’m sure it acknowledged
with the look that it gave


Photo – Jempics

Something II

This morning up there very high
I saw something that caught my eye
Contrails streaked across the sky
White against the blue

Jet planes flying ‘cross the sea
to some distant warm country
(still wonder if it’s meant to be)
Although still just a few

Not that I am tempted here
as I’m content at home and near
fair England’s shores for summer cheer
And safety as you do


Photo – Jempics

Never Contrite

The problem with writing
So far in advance
Is the tine to catch up
Or not with a chance

And the capture of moments
Which by the time that they see
The cold light of day
Is a vague memory

But it’s a very small problem
To have so I’ll cope
And keep publishing them here
Knowing well that you’ll cope

As to you they are fresh
And as I hope quite inspiring
A snapshot of life
From someone not retiring

Someone who as me
Will continue to write
Albeit in advance
And never contrite


Photo – Jem of Jemverse doing what he does


I’m not sure where it came from
but the book that I have now
The one I write ideas in
gives lots of joy somehow
It’s a bit about the binding
and the tactile feel it brings
with the strip of leather used to tie
pages and other things
upon which I will daily write
or keep for inspiration
ideas for my poetry
there in preparation
And it’s a bit about the knowledge
that with so many pages
I will know this special joy
for absolutely ages


Photo – my new poetry ideas book, started 1st May 2020 – Jempics

Lockdown writing II

The comfort I find
at this time of contagion
is the knowledge that here
and of likewise persuasion
other poets like me
have taken to paper
with words that will capture
the gist of this caper

The tragedy yes
but the happiness too
as good human nature
with hope battles through
and comes to the fore
across every land
as poets together
are making a stand

Our words will be steadfast
and wholesome and true
as we live by the hope
that will carry us through
and they’ll capture the essence
of what life’s about
some with a whisper
and some with a shout


Photo – Jempics

Lockdown writing I

There’s no doubt I am writing more
(I’m about a week ahead)
as lockdown keeps me here at home I
take up my pen instead
I’m mostly in my garden
out the back or in the front
which gets sunshine in the evening
for the choice to be quite blunt

Sometimes like today I’m
just sitting in the sun
but other days I’m gardening
which I’m finding rather fun
But whatever I am doing
there is pen and paper near
as you never know when words will come
and new poems will appear


Photo – Jempics

About a book from Venice II

This time last year I wrote about
a little book I’d bought
in Venice which I’d fully used
for poems as I ought
It was a lovely book so
when going back last year
I purchased two new volumes
to keep handy very near
For I am looking forward
to using them once more
and writing daily in them
which of course is what they’re for


Photo – Jempics

[About a book from Venice was published on Jemverse on 29 March 2019]

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