Gibraltar II

If it wasn’t for the breeze from Spain
I’d be all a-swelter
for the sun in the Gibraltar Straits
is certainly a belter!
I’m sitting on a lounger
on deck ten above the prow
writing poems in the sunshine
beads of moisture on my brow
The Atlantic is before me
the Med not far behind
as I lie here and relax
and successfully unwind


Photo – the ‘Rock’, from deck 10 of the Thompson Spirit heading out into the Atlantic through the Straits of Gibraltar – Jempics
[‘Gibraltar II’ is 4 of 14 in the Jemverse ‘Iberian Treasures’ series]

Departures (29/8/16)
Malaga I (30/8/16)
Gibraltar (31/8/16)
Gibraltar II (1/9/16)
All at sea (2/9/16)
Lounging (3/9/16)
Three sixty degree sea (4/9/16)
Vigo (5/9/16)
Atlantic Surge (6/9/16)
In from the fog (7/9/16)
Terracotta Rooftiles (8/9/16)
Lisbon 36 (9/9/16)
Seville (10/9/16)
Malaga II (11/9/16)


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