All I could wish for

Went for a walk ‘neath some gnarly old trees
The sun filtered down on beams through the leaves
with the beginning of Autumn there to perceive
All I could wish for is here.

Breathed deep the fresh scent of autumnal air
Saw the turning of leaves in all the trees there
with the zest and the colour of nature’s true flair
All I could wish for is here.

Trod paths clad with underlay of soft loam and peat
Prepared and made ready by long summer heat
for the carpets to follow to make them complete
All I could wish for is here.

Felt the power of the sunshine there on my head
Dappled corridors of brightness ahead of me led
as content, I reflect on the words I have said
That all I could wish for is here.


Angel wing wishes

Challenged to a ‘bucket list’
Thought, “that’s a good idea”
So here’s a little list of mine
Repeated for you here

In no particular order
these are my top ten things
that I would really love to do
before I get my angel wings

Pompeii and the Parthenon
I have already seen
Both were on my bucket list
But to both I have now been

France’s Languedoc region fascinates
It’s history calls to me
Exploring caves and castles
I’ve long wanted for to see

Further distant are the pyramids
The great wall of China too
More history of the ancient kind
Both I’ve longed to do

I’d like to live somewhere really hot
A Greek island for a while
For the sunshine is a friend of mine
And always brings a smile

I want to see each of my four children
As successful as can be
With lives full of enrichment
Born from pure vitality

And a published collection of my verse
Would be absolutely great
For when done I could recite it
As I’ve started to of late

I’d love an AC Cobra, polished chrome
And cobalt blue
It’s always been my dream car
A thoroughbred and British too

Then at two thousand seven hundred
and ninety five long miles
Walking the England Coastal path
would take me quite a while

But I think I’ll have time to fit it in
With all the other things
That feature in this list of mine
Before I see those angel wings


The inspiration for this poem came from ‘Dream big; dream often“. 

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