Lilac Lovliness

They grow in abundance
by the railway bridge line
And their fragrance in summer
is completely divine
Their heady perfume
just intoxicates me
So I took this quick picture
for you all to see

Mores the pity here though
that you can’t take a whiff
As this Jemverse blog
is not ‘scratch n sniff’!



After the rain III

After the rain
mock orange flowers
spread their fragrance
for some hours
Wish that I could
share with you
the bouquet there
that will ensue
But I cannot
save in this line
assure you that
it is divine



Evening waits

Evening bides its time for me
Welcome with an easy chair
And, parting in the early hours
It’s always waiting for me there

Evening knows the rest I need
from the rigours of the day
Awaits with closing rays of sun
and respite from the frack and fray

Evening has a fragrant whim
with Jasmine heavy in the air
And returning to its welcome arms
I am at peace when I am there


New lavender

New lavender in my garden
In the space beside the pond
It is fragrant and delicious
But delicate still in frond

I am hoping that this place
Will see it settle in its bed
So that in successive summers
It will seed itself and spread

New lavender in my garden
It is my solace when in need
So fragrant when it’s growing
But also when in seed


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