Charmouth Jurassic

No.5 in the Jemverse series ‘Down in Dorset’

So we wandered down to Charmouth
beside the River Char
bathed in October sunshine
with views spectacular
around about three miles
so it didn't take us long
and it was really rather warm
as the sunshine was quite strong

Charmouth was still sleepy
and just as I remembered
from the many years since I last came
in August and September
A one-horse town, two pubs as well
both of which we sampled
as it would have been quite rude
not to visit for example

Then it was back down to the beach
on this Jurassic coast
for fossil hunting in the sun
we've looked forward to the most
And yes, we really found some
amongst the pebbles everywhere
which we'll take home and treasure
to remember our time there

The view up east to Golden Cap
was magnificent of course
although at this late time of year
it's devoid of yellow gorse
But it's no less quite spectacular
breathtaking there to see
on this our Dorset holiday
where we Crouchers love to be


Photo – the view east to Golden Cap from Charmouth – Jempics


Like snow

Up here at thirty thousand feet
the clouds look just like snow
and I can see for miles and miles
when looking down below

We’re high above mid-England’s green
and the sky is tinged with blue
The sun is out there somewhere
but it’s not within my view

And I’m content to sit and watch
as we continue on our flight
For this really is a special treat
and the view’s a lovely sight



Driving home

The nicest thing when driving home
when the traffic is quite slow
is the view we have of beach and sea
(It’s comforting, you know)

Our daily journey takes us
along the coastal strip
And the view we have beside us
makes for a lovely trip

It’s enough of a distraction
this wide and sweeping bay
to take our minds right off of things
at the end of a long day

And we can never tire of this
though tired we may well be
For we’ll always have this splendid view
in Sussex by the sea


Privilege to share

Another lovely end of day
in my favourite place
Sitting in the sunshine
with a big smile on my face
I’d take a little selfie
but I’m pretty sure that you
Would rather see some beach huts
from my favourite sea view
It really is a privilege
that’s not lost on me each day
Pausing as I cycle home
‘Cos it’s always on my way
I’ll watch the sea a little while
and write a poem in my book
Capturing words of what I see
as it’s always worth a look
Perhaps some day you’ll join me
I have some deckchairs spare
As it would be a pleasure
This view with you to share



We actually weren’t expecting rain
but it only stayed an hour
Refreshing as we climbed the hill
for the Vigo castle tower
The view up at the very top
took in the sweeping bay
with our ship down in the harbour
on this, our third cruise day

Then later, as the sun appeared
in Constitution Square
we sat and had Galation beer
and watched the tourists there
Vigo is a special place
at the tip of Northern Spain
and is somewhere we would gladly
come back and see again


Photo – The Thompson Spirit from the crest of the Vigo Castillo tower hill, Northern Spain – Jempics
[‘Vigo’ is 8 of 14 in the Jemverse ‘Iberian Treasures’ series]

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A cracking way to start the day

A cracking way to start the day
riding along the beach
The sea deep blue reflecting sky
and there in easy reach

Part of me would love to stop
jump in and have a swim
But I really need to get to work
and get some hours in

Having said that, it will not be long
before the time will come
When I can get back here again
beneath this gorgeous sun


Mill Hill Wanderings

Mill Hill in the sunshine
on a perfect July day
The river in the valley
and the hills across the way
We’re the only people up here
so the silence is complete
Just the panting of our little dog
and the tramping of our feet

The views across the valley
spectacular as ever
Takes the eye far out to sea
which borders on the clever
And we in all this beauty here
upon our doorstep close to home
can come here any time we like
for a wander and a roam


Old Winchester Hill

The delicate wings of Chalkland Blues
shimmer here as I stand quite still
As they feed upon wild marjoram
on the top of Old Winchester Hill
And from here to Hampshire valleys
in the sunshine far below
I see the path stretching before me
in the direction I will soon go
But the view here is simply breathtaking
So I’ll pause to take it all in
for there’s plenty of time on this fine May day
before our wanderings need to begin


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i in the sky

Towering like a monolith
up into the sky
Brighton’s i-360
is really, really high
Dwarfing the remains
of the ruinous West Pier
it stands alone just waiting
for the summer to appear

Then the doors will open
and its pod all bright and new
will carry people skyward
to take in the marvellous view
Sussex seen from high above
for over twenty miles around
from Brighton’s i-360
Four hundred feet above the ground


Like a dream

There’s a hill above Shoreham
where you can see the sea
shining silver and bright in the sun
A reminder indeed
of the coast where we live
work and play hard and have fun

Yet turning to gaze
at this wonderful sight
yet again it’s a pinch I must give
For it seems like a dream
that I’m here in this place
and what’s more, it is somewhere I live


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